Burberry Kisses // Complimentary Sample

burberry lipstick

Last week I was nominated by the lovely @jadeamberblog on twitter to recieve a sample of the new Burberry Kisses lipsticks

Obviously I jumped at the chance as it’s not only a super cute idea based on sharing the love and having the opportunity to nominate your own friends but also FREE LIPSTICK!

burberry sepia

There were only 4 shades available when I entered my delivery details and so I selected ‘Sepia’ which I felt was the most suitable for my skin tone etc. and I am actually so so happy with how it looks! Buying a lipstick online is no easy task, especially as you never really know until you swatch it but this is literally my favourite type of shade. Kind of a ‘your lips but better’ mixed with a berry shade which makes for the perfect everyday lip colour.

The sample was packaged in a cute little box and feels very luxurious especially with the classic Burberry pattern on the metal casing of the lipstick. It is very tiny, as to be expected from a complimentary sample, but I have been using it every day and don’t want it to ever end!

burberry lipstick sepia swatch

I never normally feature high end products on my blog because I focus on budget beauty and simply don’t have the money to splash out but this has completely blown the rest of my lipsticks out of the water in terms of quality, texture and colour. I absolutely love it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford to spend £25 on a lipstick but for now I’m just going to have to keep this one going as long as possible!

If you do happen to have the budget I would highly recommend checking out the Burberry Kisses range as they have 28 shades ranging from nudes to purples and are such amazing quality.

Thankyou to Burberry for the free sample!

Love Izzy xxx


5 thoughts on “Burberry Kisses // Complimentary Sample”

    1. I agree! I almost went for nude beige but feel like darker colours suit me a bit better. I find myself being very delicate with applying it because it’s so perfect and tiny haha xx

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