Weekly Summary // #7

weekly summary #7

It’s a bit scary how fast this week has gone, and in all honesty I’m not even that glad it’s Friday for once ~ a weekend of revision? no thankyou. Still, at least I won’t have to wake up at a ridiculous hour for the next two days.

  • On Monday I went back to sixth form for the start of term. It was bearable and did mean I got to see friends but then ew work.
  • On Tuesday I headed over to UWE University for a higher education convention which is basically a fancy way of saying prospectuses and free pens. It was pretty interesting having a look at what was available at different universities however as I’m so indecisive about what I want to study, let alone where I want to go, it was a bit pointless in talking to the uni reps and so I just took all the prospectuses which I regretted when I had to carry them home.
  • On Wednesday I met my sister Josie in town after school and we went on the hunt for wedding outfits. I tried on so many nice things, especially in New Look, but didn’t actually buy anything (pat on the back for me) even though I fell in love with some trousers in Pull&Bear (not wedding related but still gorge). I might have to order a couple of things online though as I actually have money to spend for once!
  • Yesterday I finally sat down and sorted through my two beasty psychology folders and organised my notes into piles for each topic ~ yes I know, well done me. I also got a revision guide so I don’t really have any excuses to put it off anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to knuckle down and get a load done tomorrow. Hopefully. Maybe.
  • Today I had to get up super early and catch a bus to a secondary school to do an envision presentation to a year 11 tutor group. I had no idea where the school even was so it was stressful trying to get off at the right bus stop but luckily my friend Frankie was there waiting for me (cheers frank) and we managed to survive the presentation together. I doubt any of the pupils really cared what we were on about but that’s cool.
  • This week I’ve been trying to do as much revision as possible (trying lol) so I haven’t managed to upload many blog posts but I did review a Burberry Lipstick HERE and have written up a couple of drafts for the coming week which I hope you’ll enjoy.
  • For now though, I am absolutely starving so I’m sat in bed praying that my mum has bought Pizza from Tesco so I can pig out as I watch gogglebox later!
  • Hope you’re having a lovely week, please pray for me as there’s a strong possibility of me dying from revision this weekend. Thanks.c775a2549f62a8f5fec109639decc5cb

Love Izzy xxx


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