Monthly Favourites // May

may favourites

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you may well have seen my ‘mid month favourites‘ that I wrote up a couple of weeks ago. Whilst I have still been loving those products, a few more have cropped up recently that I wanted to show a little appreciation to in today’s post!

Firstly, the Benefit Erase Paste has been an amazing re-discovery of mine and I have gone from saving it for special occasions (due to the slightly hefty price tag) to using it on a daily basis (because I sure as hell need to). It’s creamy and blends fabulously. It also brightens under the eyes brilliantly whilst still looking natural. I do have to use quite a few layers if I want to come anywhere near to covering my under eye circles but it works far better than any of my other concealers and I definitely notice a difference after using it. sandalwood eyeshadow crayon_635684324395561205_Afterlight_Edit

An eye product I’ve been using a lot this month is the Manhattan Go Big Eyeshadow Pen in the shade ‘Sandal Wood’. Firstly this is a gorgeous bronze shimmery shade which is my favourite kind of colour to wear on the eyes anyway. It’s also super blendable and creamy making it work as either a base shadow or on it’s own. As I have been keeping my makeup very simple recently, just a quick swipe of this with a bit of mascara and I’m good to go!

For the ol’ eyebrows, I rediscovered the Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara. I bought this last summer and loved it at the time but then started noticing that it made my brows look way too bold and overdone (I guess that’s why it’s called brow drama). Anyway, I decided to try it out again after months of not using it and instead of applying endless amounts of the gel in an attempt to fill in my eyebrows I now simply wipe off any excess on the brush and gently brush through after using a powder just to shape them a little bit and hold them in place throughout the day!

bubblegum lip scrub_635684305552388571_Afterlight_Edit

As we move into summer I tend to focus my makeup more on lips rather than eyes and therefore try to make sure my lips are in tip top condition before applying colour. The Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub works wonders and removes any gross dry bits creating a smooth base. It also helps lip balms sink in more so I love pairing this with my all time fave Carmex. I actually thought I’d lost this scrub for weeks and started to miss it so much before I realised I’d just put it in a draw when attempting to organise my dressing table – typical! I’m so glad to have it back in my life that I’ve been using it more than usual this month which is why it’s rightfully found it’s way into this post!

I couldn’t upload a May Favourites without including the Burberry Kisses Sepia Lipstick even though I talked about it loads in my mid-month faves and also reviewed it in full (here). So I won’t go into depth but just know that I freaking love this lipstick!!

kiko nail varnish_635684326674945912_Afterlight_EditFinally, for nails, the only colour I have worn this month has been Kiko’s Nail Lacquer in 319 which is a gorgeous taupe grey/purple shade. It’s the only Kiko nail colour I own but I definitely want to get more as the formulation is amazing and it was so affordable! It does make me sad when nail varnishes don’t have shade names though :(

Let me know what you’ve been loving this month (beauty or non-beauty related!) in the comments below.

Oh, also I’m planning a giveaway very soon so follow to stay updated and be in with a chance of winning a mysterious prize (what a tease!)

Have a lovely week everyone!

Love Izzy xxx

11 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites // May”

    1. Ahh yay HIGH FIVE!! And I totally agree, lush is basically heaven. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you around again soon xx


    1. Chocolate lip scrub sounds amazing!! You should definitely try kiko I absolutely love that nail polish! I’ll definitely check out your blog :) xx


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