Hey guys, Recently I picked up a few new bits and bobs from Boots and thought I'd do a lil' makeup haul as I haven't blogged one for a while! As per usual, I only went in looking for one thing; a new foundation, but returned with slightly more than expected. Classic. The good news is… Continue reading DRUGSTORE HAUL



Hello everyone! This post feels so weird for me to write as I've been so inactive for the past couple of months. Exam season has obviously been a main factor but also I just haven't been in the right mindset for blogging and haven't felt inspired to write on here for a while. I think… Continue reading MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE

Makeup Revolution // Ultra Contour Palette

Today I wanted to talk about this BEAUT new palette I picked up from Makeup Revolution. It is of course the "Ultra Contour Palette" which I've seen endless pictures of on twitter, instagram and on other lovely blogs - so yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and adding my thoughts into the mix just for the… Continue reading Makeup Revolution // Ultra Contour Palette

Beauties Factory // 120 Eyeshadow Palette & Brushes

Recently I got sent a couple of things to try out from a brand called 'Beauties Factory'. Whilst I had never heard of this particular brand, I have always loved the look of the huge 120-shade type palettes that you can find on eBay, Amazon and various other online stores. I've been tempted to purchase… Continue reading Beauties Factory // 120 Eyeshadow Palette & Brushes

Current Skincare Favourites // Autumn 2015

I won't lie to you: the idea for this blog post came from the fact that I seemed to be using a lot of products with cute pink packaging and I just thought they looked pretty together... However, this is simply coincidence because these products have genuinely been the ones I have been reaching for the most… Continue reading Current Skincare Favourites // Autumn 2015

Is Cannabis the Secret to Amazing Skin!? // Carun Skincare

A while ago, I received some new skincare items from a brand called 'Carun' who specialise in hemp based products that claim to be the 'ultimate skin saviours'! I have been trying them out for the past few weeks and so feel as though I have gotten to know the two products well and can… Continue reading Is Cannabis the Secret to Amazing Skin!? // Carun Skincare

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks // Review

If you're a hardcore follower of mine (you really should be, just saying) you'll probably already be aware that I am a huge fan of the makeup brand that has recently hit the majority of superdrugs around the country; Makeup Revolution. This brand is comparable to MUA, NYC and other super affordable cosmetics brands but… Continue reading Makeup Revolution Lipsticks // Review