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Two of my guilty pleasures in life are Halloween and Lush products.

So you can imagine the excitement as I stepped into store to find an array of new, gloriously smelling products, all themed around my favourite season.

I won’t lie to you, this blog post has been saved in my drafts for at least a month (the lack of motivation has been unreal, sorry about that) so what was initially going to be a haul is now turning into a simple chit chat about the products and more of a visual guide to what I picked up this year. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


Obviously I started off by charging straight over to Lord of Misrule shower cream which I have missed dearly since last Autumn when it briefly entered our lives before departing and breaking my heart. I went for a medium sized bottle this time and will hopefully manage to purchase another before the halloween stock diminishes – I’d go as far as to say this is my signature scent and my all time favourite from Lush. (Bold statement, I know.) So it had to be done really.

Lord of Misrule bath bomb has been purchased twice this year. Again it’s one to stock up on while the goings good because it really is too good to miss. Besides smelling incredible it turns your bath a gorgeous deep wine shade amongst the green. Bloody beaut.

monsters ball.jpg

Monster’s Ball, Autumn Leaf and Pumpkin are the names of the other bombs Lush have released this halloween. Pumpkin has an amazing citrus scent to it and surprisingly turns your bath orange, Monster’s Ball leaves you with pink and blue water and an earthy scent. Autumn leaf is very different, reminiscent of freshly cut grass (one of my least favourite smells) but in a good way (I can’t describe scents okay). It was inspired by the changing colours of Autumn and aims to transfer this when dropped into your bath, changing from green to orange to red and so on. What a lovely idea.

Sparkly pumpkin has made a return and, despite not picking one up last year, when it arrived on the scene again I was confused as to why I’d never tried it. It smells delish. As the name would suggest, this one resembles a sparkly pumpkin and does turn your bath glittery (don’t fret you won’t emerge looking like a disco ball, although it does leave your skin looking a lil’ shimmery which is cute).


Last but not least (although to be honest, it kinda is least because it was my least favourite lol soz) is Boo the bath melt. This adorable thing is super softening on the skin as it contains cocoa butter and smells very floral (geranium oil is incorporated so that’d be why). The reason it’s my least fave is simply because I find bath melts are just less exciting in general and kinda float around doing f-all, BUT they do make your skin feel pretty good after your bath so I’m glad I chucked this lil’ guy in my basket.

That is everything I’ve chosen to purchase from the 2016 Halloween Lush range. Overall I am really impressed and feel like it beats last years for sure. There is definitely a great range of scents involved so I’m sure you’d find at least one you liked and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to visuals with LOMR and Monsters Ball.

Let me know what you’ve tried this year or if there’s anything you wanna grab last minute before the Christmas products overtake completely!?

I hope you have a spooky halloween and I’ll speak to you soon,

Love Izzy x


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