This was a hard one to put together. I didn't want the playlist to be overly long but this winter has bought with it so many incredible albums and I've been discovering so many new tunes through others (friends who make you playlists are keepers, just saying) - so it's been tricky to refine. Alas, I have stuck to the songs I've… Continue reading WINTER SOUNDTRACK


THE 1975.

Ya girl went to see The 1975 on Dec 22nd and it was amaze!!! Here are some unedited pics that I just thought I'd shove on the old blog to look back on. If ever you get the chance to, definitely see them live. 10/10 would recommend. ALSO they played 'Paris' - my fave, despite it not… Continue reading THE 1975.


Two of my guilty pleasures in life are Halloween and Lush products. So you can imagine the excitement as I stepped into store to find an array of new, gloriously smelling products, all themed around my favourite season. I won't lie to you, this blog post has been saved in my drafts for at least a… Continue reading LUSHOWEEN


I don't know about you, but I bloody love organisation. This being the first September that I wasn't provided with a (rather ugly yet extremely useful) school planner, I decided to purchase a mid-year diary that starts August 2016 and ends December 2017 -  it should therefore last me all through my gap year and… Continue reading I AM VERY BUSY.