Weekly Summary // #6

weekly summary #6

I really haven’t done very much at all over the past seven days which is why yesterday I completely forgot it was Friday so didn’t write up my weekly summary! I couldn’t bear to break a six week spell though as I’m surprised I’ve even committed myself to a weekly blog ‘series’ so you’ll have to excuse the upload being on a Saturday this time!

  • On Tuesday I went up to the Mall to do a bit of shopping and have lunch with my mum and sisters. I ended up buying a gorgeous white midi skirt from New Look which I’m going to wear for my cousins wedding at the end of May. I originally wanted the shell pink shade which I actually featured in my Highstreet Wishlist earlier in the week but the store only stocked white and I figured this will most likely be easier to pair with a coloured top and heels anyway.
  • On Wednesday the weather was beautiful and so I soaked up the sun in the garden whilst finally cracking on with a bit of revision. I did get a tad sunburnt but you have the make the most of it when living in England haha
  • On Thursday I spent the night at my friend Frankie’s house where we ate an absolute feast and watched a load of movies. We even started watching Pretty Little Liars which I’ve been meaning to watch for so long and so far I really like it! This could be the start of a new obsession though which I doubt will help my revision in any way, shape or form. Oh well.
  • Yesterday I had a lazy day (basically everyday Izzy, don’t lie). I did a bit of revision and walked my dog then chilled in the evening watching the legendary Gogglebox and then the film Hitch which was really good!
  • A blog I have enjoyed reading this week has been Melissa’s Media Marmalade. She always wears such gorgeous outfits and has great tips especially for bloggers.
  • I’m gutted that it’s almost the end of the Easter holidays and I have seriously slacked on the revision front, however I’m going to try hard to be productive today (let’s see how long this lasts..)

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments :)

Love Izzy xxx



2 thoughts on “Weekly Summary // #6”

  1. I’ve seriously been lacking with revision too, I’m not sure what I’ve been doing the whole holidays because I’ve hardly gone out. I tried to revise outside the other day when it was sunny too and I took all my stuff outside and I felt so prepared but then it was too sunny so I had to wear my sunglasses which kept sliding off my face and I just got really flustered so ended up going back inside, I haven’t really fully appreciated the sun yet. I really want to start PLL but I read the books back in year 7 or something earlier on in my lifetime and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to get into the series as much because the books are completely different and I would just get muddled x

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    1. Haha the exact same happened to me! I always think oh I’ll just go and get a drink and then I can’t possibly revise if I haven’t got every single thing I could possibly need and I just end up wasting so much time but it’s so hard not to procrastinate :( I just seriously hope it’s sunny during actual summer so we can fully appreciate it! I haven’t read the PLL books but I get where you’re coming from, it’s probably quite hard to get a whole tv show close to the books. I haven’t even had time to watch much of it, I guess I started at a pretty bad time haha once my exams are over I’ll be hooked! xx


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