Orelia Jewellery // Golden Tones

  Recently I was kindly sent some lovely new pieces from Orelia; a gorgeous jewellery brand created by founder Louisa who really caught the travelling bug and wanted to create a range that was between high street and designer level, inspired by Eastern Asia. I've written up a review for Orelia before on my blog, so I was… Continue reading Orelia Jewellery // Golden Tones


Get Ready With Me // Party Edition

On Saturday night, we had a load of family and friends over to our house to celebrate my Dad's 50th birthday! As this was quite a big occasion I thought I'd better make a bit of an effort and this was the result.. (warning: apologies for the bad quality photos that you are about to witness)… Continue reading Get Ready With Me // Party Edition

New Boots // Topshop

One of my Christmas presents this year (or do I say last year!?) came in the form of a pair of boots from my lovely Mum and Dad. The boots are from Topshop and I did choose them myself (I don't think my Dad would have known quite what to do if landed with this… Continue reading New Boots // Topshop

My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!Summer is finally fully under way and I have officially finished secondary school - what a relief!As I no longer have any school rules to follow like 'no nail varnish' I have been going well and truly wild and painting my nails an array of colours, switching it up however often I like and… Continue reading My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Finally another Haul!

Hello everyone!Yay I went shopping!!! I haven't been shopping for what feels like ages (..but it was probably only a few weeks ago) but on Saturday I finally had enough money to go and treat myself a bit. I have been trying to save but it really doesn't work with me so I just went… Continue reading Finally another Haul!

New Makeup Storage and Collection!

Hey everybody!Now the time has finally come. I have actually bothered to sort out my makeup storage and organise my dressing table!I own the Ikea malm dressing table which I adore, however although it fits a lot, the drawer underneath doesn't come out very far. Any owners of the Malm will know this and many… Continue reading New Makeup Storage and Collection!

School Makeup- Winter Edition.

Well hello there everyone,Now I have felt bad for pretty much the whole of January because of how badly my blogging is going. One of my new years resolutions was to be more dedicated to my blog as I feel like I can sometimes forget about it or upload posts that I am not completely… Continue reading School Makeup- Winter Edition.