Empties // June

Over the past few weeks I seem to have finished up a number of products and so thought it would be only fair to share my thoughts towards them. I often find this to be a better way of reviewing items as I have much more of an opinion on them - it takes dedication… Continue reading Empties // June


Lush Haul!

Hello Everybody!So yesterday I did a spot of shopping (I know, it was very naughty of me but it is my half term and even though I should be revising I just can't!)I headed into town with my sister because I needed to buy birthday presents for my friends Meg and Cerys (who are twins). It… Continue reading Lush Haul!

January Favourites

Hello Everyone!Welcome to February! I hope you all had a good January and didn't let the weather/new year get you down!I myself haven't had the greatest January but already February is a lot better (today I did a spot of shopping- my favourite thing to do!)Anyway, this month I have a lot of products to share with… Continue reading January Favourites

September Favourites

Hello everyone!So I am a little late with this post however only by 2 days which is impressive for me!I feel like this month I haven't worn an extreme amount of makeup (that makes it sound like I normally cake my face in it!) because I have had such a heavy work load for school… Continue reading September Favourites