Music Monday // Say Something Hey everyone, A song which I have loved listening to recently has to be 'Say Something' by 'A Great Big World' and Christina Aguilera. It is quite a slow song which I don't often feature on my Music Monday posts but this is such a beautiful song and I really like it :) It… Continue reading Music Monday // Say Something


Music Monday // The Drums Hello everyone! This weekend I discovered a band called The Drums. They are not a 'new' band, and I don't know why but I came across them and love their music! The Drums are an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York and I think their music is very upbeat and if you… Continue reading Music Monday // The Drums

Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys

I have loved the arctic monkeys for ages but recently I have started listening to their whole album more often and I am certainly glad I have! My favourites are 'why'd you only call me when your high' 'do I wanna know' and 'snap out of it' but I love all of them :D If… Continue reading Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys

Music Monday // Coasts If you didn't know already, I am a huge fan of music and love discovering new artists or bands. Therefore I thought it would be a nice little idea for me to share some of my current favourite music with you in a 'Music Monday' series. I recently discovered a band called Coasts who… Continue reading Music Monday // Coasts