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Hey guys!

After hearing a lot about the brand Morphe, mostly via other bloggers (LexiLife I’m looking at you) I was keen to give them a go.

One Sunday night when I was feeling bored and spendy, I decided to take a little trip to Beauty Bay and a few days later a glorious package arrived on my doorstep, filled with Morphe goodies! I don’t know how that happened really…

The main product I wanted to try out was the 9C Contour Palette as I’d heard amazing things and was desperate to up my contour game. I couldn’t help but add the Contour Brush to my basket, aswell as some false lashes (they were so cheap!) before checking out, because why not go the whole hog?

On first impressions, I am not sure I’m a massive fan of the contour brush. Don’t get me wrong, with a little more practise I’m sure I’ll be convinced, but at the moment I’m struggling to get that naturally sculpted effect and usually end up with a warrior-esque stripe on each cheek instead. I’m assuming this would be great for a super strong contour, but I definitely feel like a fluffy brush is also needed to help blend the bronzer after chiselling with the contour brush.

I wore the lashes for the first time the other day and can safely say, I love them! I filmed a video wearing them and of course, when I came to edit I realised one was peeling off at the inner corner – bloody typical – BUT that is no doubt down to my shoddy lash applying skills as I’m a total newbie. The lashes themselves are gorgeous and fluttery, they look super natural and don’t weigh you down or feel like an annoying addition to your eyeball. The price is also a selling point as they retail for just £2.75. I’ll definitely be heading back to Morphe next time I’m on the hunt for lashes!

In terms of the palette, I am fully obsessed with the yellow banana powder (middle of the top row) which I now use under my eyes on a daily basis. Not only does it set and mattify my concealer but it also highlights this area of my face, giving the same effect as ‘baking’. The contour shades are also fab. I’m yet to pick a firm favourite, but I tend to reach for the bottom middle shade the most as it’s quite ashy and cool toned. In the middle of the palette you have one lonesome shimmery shade which is perfect to highlight with. I feel this shade would suit a load of skin tonnes as it’s quite a dark champagne colour. Something darker than I would normally go for when picking a highlighter but rest assured it still works on pale gals like myself!

Overall I’m enjoying using the palette. I’m not initially blown away, but it does always take me a while to get the hang of contour palettes and this one is definitely getting used on an everyday basis so I’m not complaining!

It retails for £18.25 on BeautyBay which I feel is a reasonable price. According to my calculations that works out at just over £2 per powder which is amazing considering the quality of them! They blend nicely and I do think the shade range is perfect so I’d recommend giving this one a go if you’re looking for a new contouring palette.

Do you have anything from Morphe and are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you have a lovely week ahead and I’ll speak to you soon :)

Love Izzy x

p.s. last weeks video was a huge autumn clothing haul! check it out here;


2 thoughts on “NEW IN: MORPHE”

  1. The palette looks amazing and the price is definitely attractive but I’m a bit apprehensive about buying from Morphe again because a few weeks ago I ordered some makeup brushes and when they arrived they stunk of chemicals to the point where I couldn’t use them and ended up sending them back:'( but I’m glad you had a positive experience!! xx

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