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Being a huge fan of Urban Outfitters and having not yet tried their nail polishes, when I saw a bunch of colours in their online sale I thought it was about time I gave them a go. Here’s what I think.

PACKAGING: I’m a sucker for packaging, as I’m sure we all know by now, and these bottles are just too cute. The glass cubes contain a generous amount of product and, although maybe not the best for those trying to conserve space, they do make for snazzy decor and look adorable sat on top of a dressing table or desk. I mean it would be pretty rude of me to shove them in a drawer to be honest! I also love that each polish has a shade name because again, that is something I look for in a nail polish (I’m literally so sad). The three I picked up recently are ‘Miss Scarlet’ a gorgeous deep red, ‘Flamingo’ a bright barbie pink, and ‘Merlot’ a blue-toned dark(ish) purple.

FORMULA: I do like the formula of these nail polishes. They glide on smoothly and dry with a gorgeous glossy finish!

BRUSH: The brush is just your standard nail polish brush really. It’s a pretty perfect size for coating your nails with (although a little tricky to do in just 3 strokes as it’s quite narrow) and it does the job nicely so I have zero problems with it!

APPLICATION: These nail polishes definitely need two or more coats. I have tried out all three colours and it has been the case for all three that one coat just isn’t enough if you want an opaque look. However this is the same for many brands so I always tend to do a couple of coats anyway! The colour payoff is excellent and your nails end up looking the exact same shade as the bottle portrays. In other words, you get what it says on the tin in terms of shades.

STAYING POWER: I’d say a top coat is a grand idea if you want your polish to stay on longer than a day or two. My nails have tended to chip pretty quickly when I wear this brand which is a bit disappointing but also not surprising considering I am quite shocking at nails and never bother with a top coat. I have noticed myself topping up my nail polish more often since I’ve been wearing these, but then again I have been consciously making an effort with my nails lately so maybe it’s just that I’m noticing the chips more!

PRICE: These nail polishes are on the pricier side, when comparing to brands like Barry M (my all time fave) and other drugstore brands, however they are slightly cheaper than alternatives such as Essie and O.P.I. Always on offer for 2 for £10, otherwise retailing at £6 each, they’re not bad but not the most affordable. If you can get these on sale like I did then 100% grab them whilst you can! I love mine, and although I’m not sure I could justify spending that lil’ extra every time I buy a polish, I can definitely justify the odd ‘treat yo’self’ moment as they’re beautiful.

urban outfitters nail polishes

Let me know if you’ve tried these nail polishes and also if you like this style of blog post. It’s different to usual but maybe more useful sectioning it into catagories? idk, comment below with your thoughts!

Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Izzy x


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