pimlico freshpimlico fresh orange juicegreen eggsteapimlico fresh french toast

A few weeks ago, I found myself in ‘Pimlico Fresh’.

Located on Wilton Road, London, this stylish cafe is home to a daily changing blackboard of dishes – including Savoury French Toast (pictured above). Holy Moly is this delicious. So maybe it’s not the most instagram-worthy of dishes, but this combination of brioche-style, doughy bread, oozing with melted cheese, topped with crispy bacon and a side of maple syrup is enough to leave you feeling like you’ve had the breakfast of a lifetime.

Priced at almost £10, I was dubious at first. I decided to go halves with my sister as I was warned they were very filling and, for me, this was the perfect amount. I probably could’ve stomached a whole one but I certainly wouldn’t have made it to the train station afterwards for fear of a food coma.

Definitely not the most healthy of breakfasts, but when in London for the weekend, money and health seem to go out the window and I can guarantee it’s worth it if you decide to take a trip to Pimlico. The overall vibe of the cafe is contemporary and a hub of activity, with business men rushing in to grab a freshly squeezed orange juice and macbook owners sipping away at their flat whites, all in the name of brunch darling.

If you’re in this area and feeling peckish, I would recommend stopping by. It was definitely a breakfast to remember and if ever I go back, I know exactly what I’ll be ordering!

Izzy x


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