I’m not an avid festival go-er by any means, but when my sister Emily managed to get her mitts on a free to ticket to Wireless and my other sister Josie had vouchers to spend on tickets of her choice, it wasn’t long before I was persuaded to join in the fun and buy my own.

I was hesitant at first because, to be quite honest with you, the line up didn’t make me think ‘wow’. However it’s not about the place, it’s about the people that you’re with, and knowing I’d be spending the weekend with two of my best friends (cute) in London made it something to look forward to.


We arrived around 2pm as there wasn’t anyone early on that we desperately wanted to see. Obvs we aimed to get there just in time for Shakka because ‘Say Nada‘ is a bloody tune but nada else was high on our list of things to do so we wondered around for a while and took in the lovely sights; ‘roadmen’ and ‘free the nipple’ being taken to a whole new level. We also took this opportunity to bag ourselves some free chocolate bars from the Cadbury stand.. although this did require the humiliation of diving into a ball pit, competing in a space hopper race and sliding down a slightly dodgy looking slide (thanks to which I now have a graze on my ankle).

I’d say for the first half of the day, us McAll girls felt very out of place. I may have had hoop earrings in and Nike trainers on my trotters but oh boy, I may aswell have been dressed for an interview compared to some gals I saw (not that I’m one to judge but they must’ve been freezing!?) Nonetheless, we decided to get some cider down us in the hope that things could only get better. I did have to sit on my own in a corner whilst the sisters purchased the goods (yes, I am still 17) using up my entire 3G allowance as I frantically tried to avoid the eyes of 15 year old shirtless lads with cross body bags and adidas socks pulled basically up to their knees. Gross. But hey ho, with overpriced ciders in hand we headed over to see the legendary Craig David blast out some bangers and from there it did indeed get better!

I bumped into one of my favourite Blogger/YouTubers Tasha Green who I absolutely adore and of course she looked stunning as usual! She complimented me on the glitter plastered all over my cheek and I taught her my tip of using vaseline to make it stick. It was a great moment.

I also devoured the most amazing cheese burger. Didn’t look anything special but it was worth every penny of the £6 I spent on it. My mouth is watering at the thought.

Unfortunately we were too busy getting our food that we missed Maverick Sabre, which was such a shame as I love his music, but it did mean we got a really good spot for the headliners; Chase & Status. Not right near the stage because we didn’t want to die, but behind the second lot of barriers so no annoying people in front, hurray. I did have the pleasure of turning around to see the man behind snorting cocaine as he looked me dead in the eye but hey… it’s Wireless.


I’d say my favourites from the day were J.Cole, Sigma and Chase & Status and overall we had a good time! It was so lush to spend time with my sisters and stay with Emily in her new flat in London for a couple of nights! I’m really glad I agreed to go in the end as it’s made me more open to saying yes to things this summer :)

Izzy x

p.s I did actually vlog my weekend including Wireless so if you fancy seeing more here is the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6ro4cp1UAU (Only available to watch on laptops/computers not mobile devices – due to the music used – SORRY!)


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