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Hey guys, long time no tag!?

I was recently tagged by the lovely Hannah from ‘Hannah’s Wonderland‘ to do the ‘My Makeup Story’ tag which I’d never seen before. I liked the look of the questions and thought it’d been a while since I did a chatty blog post, so here I am – off we go!

How old were you when you started wearing make-up?

I think I was around 12 when I started wearing make-up… but when I say make-up I mean natural collection mascara and natural collection mascara only. I probably upgraded to a tinted moisturiser at around 13 and only discovered the world of actual foundation, eyeshadow and all other wondrous things later on in life.

How did you get into make-up?

Probably the same way a lot of young girls (cringe) do nowadays – through YouTube! I remember watching Tanya Burr back in the day and getting loads of tips from her. She was probably the first YouTuber I watched, before I even had an account and realised you could subscribe and actually make your own videos. Madness.

What are some of your favourite brands?

I think Revlon, Maybelline and Rimmel are really great drugstore brands. I also love Makeup Revolution for super affordable makeup and Anastasia Beverly Hills (even though I only own one product lol) for more expensive shizz.

What does make-up mean to you?

Ooh cheeky deep question thrown into the mix, love it. I’d agree with Hannah here and say it just makes me feel more put together and gives me that little extra confidence. I also love experimenting with make-up, IT’S JUST FUN! I’ve never understood people that complain about putting on make-up because a) if you don’t wanna wear it, don’t  b) why would you not love doing your makeup!? It’s literally my fave part of the day, how sad.

If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?

Okay totally copying Hannah here but definitely foundation, bronzer, mascara and a brow product. Could probably even go without bronzer if necessary but I would look like a potato.

What is your favourite thing about make-up?

I love that there’s always something new to try. Whether it’s a new product range or a new trend, or just a technique that you’ve never come across before. Something as simple as changing which brush you use to contour can really spice up your makeup routine.

(Obviously my actual favourite thing is that it can hide my beetroot cheeks, give me brows and make my eyes look less like that of a naked mole rat)

What do you think of Drugstore VS High End make-up?

I’m not hugely experienced in high-end makeup because 99% of the time I’m too busy crying at my bank balance to make an expensive purchase. However I am (rather annoyingly) becoming a bit of a sucker for pricey makeup. Saying that, it’s not always a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ as I think it can be hit-and-miss for any product, no matter what the cost. Some high-end makeup has been a let down and not worked for me personally. Some drugstore makeup is up there with my holy-grail items and beats high-end any day.

I’d say go for a mixture of the two. Save up and treat yourself to something really special every now and again, but don’t diss the drugstore. It comes bearing many gifts and will save you heaps of money.

What is one make-up trend you’ve never understood?

I’m really struggling to think of an answer for this one and I think it’s because I appreciate that make-up can be worn in whichever way the wearer wants!! It’s an art form in my opinion and even if a makeup look seems a bit cray, if it’s done well and you appreciate the skill involved it’s really not hard to understand.

What do you think of the beauty community on Youtube?

I love it! Starting my own channel has opened my eyes so much to the community and how lovely everyone is. Sure you get the odd debbie downer, but on the whole it’s such a lush group of people who support each other, share tips and tricks and generally put me in the best mood! I’m so grateful to be a part of it.


Thankyou once again to Hannah for tagging me and generally supporting all my internet ramblings both on my blog and on YouTube! <3

I tag Beth from Life With B , Courtney from Blush and Blend, and Sophie from Petals of Perfection. Love you gals xo

Izzy x




spectrum brushes

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out ‘Spectrum’ brushes and of course I jumped at the chance because WHY WOULDN’T I WANT PINK BRUSHES IN MY LIFE!?

If you haven’t seen this brand floating around Instagram then, quite frankly, you’re missing out because every time I see a pic of these adorable mermaid-inspired brushes I die a little inside. The brand are PETA registered, vegan trademarked and cruelty free (YAAS) and claim to be the leading brand in trend lead makeup brushes with professional performance. They have also been used by the stars of TOWIE, Geordie Shore, MIC and many more.

I was very kindly sent the ‘8 Piece Eye Blending Set’ which retails for £29.99 and can be purchased HERE. I unboxed the brushes on camera in an unboxing video over on my YouTube channel so if you wanna see my overly-excited initial reaction to the cuteness click HERE. I definitely said ‘cool’ WAY too many times in that video so here I plan to share my thoughts in a little more detail and actually give a verdict on whether the brushes are worth purchasing.

eye brushes spectrum

As the name suggests, there are 8 brushes within this particular set. Spectrum provide a wide range of brush sets including face brushes aswell as accessories such as brush cleaners and make-up bags. If you’re not one for bright colours I would recommend taking a look at the ‘Marbleous’ range for a rose gold and marble themed affair – which is rather divine if I do say so – however I am fully obsessed with these brushes due to the PINK HANDLES and unique blue to purple ombre bristles.

The brushes came in a super cute pink pouch which will be perfect for travelling with and on first impressions they feel really nice quality and not the type to shed – hurray!!

The set includes a range of fluffy blending brushes and more compact smaller/tapered brushes lending themselves to a range of uses, such as running eyeshadow underneath your eyes or creating a defined cut crease look.


I’m yet to try out every brush, but oh my. The fluffy blending brushes are honestly so fab! They blend eyeshadow like a DREAM and I love that they’ve included more than one so you can blend out a smokey eye without using just one brush. The bristles are made of high quality synthetic hair and are literally so soft it’s incredible.

On first impressions, I would definitely recommend Spectrum if you’re looking to invest in some new brushes! They have the perfect balance of cuteness and practicality so I can see myself reaching for these on an everyday basis from now on!

To purchase this particular set, click HERE.

Thankyou again to Spectrum Collections for sending me these brushes! I am so grateful and of course all opinions are my own :)

Izzy x



I’m not an avid festival go-er by any means, but when my sister Emily managed to get her mitts on a free to ticket to Wireless and my other sister Josie had vouchers to spend on tickets of her choice, it wasn’t long before I was persuaded to join in the fun and buy my own.

I was hesitant at first because, to be quite honest with you, the line up didn’t make me think ‘wow’. However it’s not about the place, it’s about the people that you’re with, and knowing I’d be spending the weekend with two of my best friends (cute) in London made it something to look forward to.


We arrived around 2pm as there wasn’t anyone early on that we desperately wanted to see. Obvs we aimed to get there just in time for Shakka because ‘Say Nada‘ is a bloody tune but nada else was high on our list of things to do so we wondered around for a while and took in the lovely sights; ‘roadmen’ and ‘free the nipple’ being taken to a whole new level. We also took this opportunity to bag ourselves some free chocolate bars from the Cadbury stand.. although this did require the humiliation of diving into a ball pit, competing in a space hopper race and sliding down a slightly dodgy looking slide (thanks to which I now have a graze on my ankle).

I’d say for the first half of the day, us McAll girls felt very out of place. I may have had hoop earrings in and Nike trainers on my trotters but oh boy, I may aswell have been dressed for an interview compared to some gals I saw (not that I’m one to judge but they must’ve been freezing!?) Nonetheless, we decided to get some cider down us in the hope that things could only get better. I did have to sit on my own in a corner whilst the sisters purchased the goods (yes, I am still 17) using up my entire 3G allowance as I frantically tried to avoid the eyes of 15 year old shirtless lads with cross body bags and adidas socks pulled basically up to their knees. Gross. But hey ho, with overpriced ciders in hand we headed over to see the legendary Craig David blast out some bangers and from there it did indeed get better!

I bumped into one of my favourite Blogger/YouTubers Tasha Green who I absolutely adore and of course she looked stunning as usual! She complimented me on the glitter plastered all over my cheek and I taught her my tip of using vaseline to make it stick. It was a great moment.

I also devoured the most amazing cheese burger. Didn’t look anything special but it was worth every penny of the £6 I spent on it. My mouth is watering at the thought.

Unfortunately we were too busy getting our food that we missed Maverick Sabre, which was such a shame as I love his music, but it did mean we got a really good spot for the headliners; Chase & Status. Not right near the stage because we didn’t want to die, but behind the second lot of barriers so no annoying people in front, hurray. I did have the pleasure of turning around to see the man behind snorting cocaine as he looked me dead in the eye but hey… it’s Wireless.


I’d say my favourites from the day were J.Cole, Sigma and Chase & Status and overall we had a good time! It was so lush to spend time with my sisters and stay with Emily in her new flat in London for a couple of nights! I’m really glad I agreed to go in the end as it’s made me more open to saying yes to things this summer :)

Izzy x

p.s I did actually vlog my weekend including Wireless so if you fancy seeing more here is the link! (Only available to watch on laptops/computers not mobile devices – due to the music used – SORRY!)


whats on my dressing table

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I’d share with you what’s currently on my dressing table! Bit of a random idea but I know I find these kinds of posts rather interesting as it allows you to see someones ‘go-to’ and most reached for products/items. These are the things which simply cannot be stored away in a drawer or cupboard as they’re either too pretty or, more importantly, too well loved and needed on a daily basis.

My dressing table layout gets switched up regularly however the items on top of this cute mirrored box stay the same pretty much all year round, so let’s delve in…

origins moisturiser

Something I use everyday is the Origins GinZing Moisturiser so of course this has pride of place. I love this product, not only does it smell glorious but sinks into the skin really quickly and provides instant hydration to the face. I’ve actually done a full review of this here!

Next to this we have the beautiful Caudalie Divine Oil. I don’t use this as much as its pricey and can run out quickly if used everyday, however this is such an amazing oil for the face and I love using it throughout summer as a little treat for my skin! Again this smells so lovely and when I wake up I really notice my skin looks more radiant. You can also use this on your body and even in your hair so it’s a great all round oil!

I also have my Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush here because something I need to work on is stopping my lips from getting dry. I’m the worst for remembering to apply lip balm throughout the day so having this right there on my dressing table encourages me to use it more and prep my lips before applying lipsticks etc.

Lastly I have my 4 miniature perfumes from Benefit which are the cutest! They all smell so good and are a really handy size for on the go. My current favourite is ‘My Place Or Yours, Gina‘ however it changes depending on the season, my mood or the occasion :)

The only other things I keep on this little box are my most worn earrings – these little gold hoops from Urban Outfitters for example, aswell as some tiny silver helix earrings.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post – Let me know in the comments what your go-to or most used products are as I’d love to know!

Love Izzy x