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Hey guys,

Recently I picked up a few new bits and bobs from Boots and thought I’d do a lil’ makeup haul as I haven’t blogged one for a while!

As per usual, I only went in looking for one thing; a new foundation, but returned with slightly more than expected. Classic.

The good news is that I did manage to get said foundation. I went for L’oreal this time with their ‘True Match’ in the shade ‘Ivory’ and am pretty happy with it so far! I’ve only used it a couple of times but I think it definitely suits my pale skin a lot better than the ones I was using previously – hurray I no longer have to blend down my neck like a crazy woman! As it  says on the bottle, its super blendable which is fab and makes doing my base nice and quick. I’d say it gives a medium coverage, definitely not full but a little heavier than lighter foundations. That being said, it doesn’t feel heavy at all on my skin which is something I hate so it’s a thumbs up from me at the moment!

I didn’t really need a concealer however it doesn’t do any harm to try new things and as I’d heard amazing things about this one I decided to take the plunge and grab it whilst it was on 3 for 2 (on all Maybelline). It’s the weird sponge one which I’m not even sure of the name of…’The Eraser Eye’?? Just doesn’t sound right to me tbh, don’t want to erase my entire eye thanks Maybz.

Again I’ve tried this one a couple of times and my first impressions are mixed. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection or my Benefit Erase Paste, however it may grow on me – I’ll keep you updated!

maybelline contour stick

Another product which caught my eye after its recent release was the Maybelline ‘Master Contour’ Stick which is essentially a bronzer and a highlighter squished together into a fat crayon. Cute.

I love the concept of this and so far I’m obsessed! I’ve actually never tried a cream bronzer but I think I may be converted as this looks so natural but still gives a sculpting effect to my blob of a face. The highlighter side I’m not sure I’ll use as often but I’m excited to experiment with it a bit more!

My final Maybelline purchase was one of the ‘Vivid Matte Liquid’ lipsticks in the shade ‘Possessed Plum’ (bit concerned about the plum’s welfare here as it’s become possessed, sending thoughts and prayers out to it’s friends and fam). I am yet to properly wear this as I’ve only briefly applied it. I was disheartened at first as it didn’t dry matte and I was outraged, however I realised that I must’ve just used too much and when a thin layer is applied it dries a lot quicker.

rimmel lipliners

From Rimmel, I picked up two new lipliners from the ‘Exaggerate’ range. The first is in the shade ‘Addiction’ and is a beautiful dark nude shade and the second is in ‘Obsession’ a dark plum shade. These are both roll up pencils (which are very fragile as I’ve learnt from previous experience) and I think they’ll both be well used as they’re two of my go-to colours.

I also finally purchased Rimmel’s nude eyeliner as I’ve been meaning to get one for a while and this is supposedly rather good. I’ve seen people favour this over higher-end nude liners and so far I’m really impressed with it! It’s definitely a lot less harsh than white in the waterline so it’s already wormed its way into my everyday makeup box. I’m sure it feels privileged.

Then, because Rimmel are babes, they gave me a free ‘Natural Bronzer’ for spending over £9. This somehow claims to be waterproof – YES WATERPROOF!? I have no idea if this is true but I’m yet to break down in tears or go swimming with this on so can’t comment unfortunately. I do like the shade though, it’s quite warm toned and very natural looking so, for me, this will be the perfect holiday bronzer.

The last item I purchased was actually not from Boots but Tesco! Mad I know. These Eyelure Natural Lashes were on offer for about £3 instead of £5 so I snapped them up as I’ve been wanting to dabble in the world of false lashes. I’ve tried lashes in the past a couple of times but they were very cheap, very voluminous and very obviously fake. They also never stayed on properly so kinda put me off, however, these actually did look natural and again I’d heard good things about Eyelure. I wore these to a party last night and although they were a faff and a half to apply – I’m sure I just need practise – they looked real and definitely stayed on all night. They’re also reusable but I have no idea how many times it’s acceptable to reuse so please leave a comment if you’re a lash pro unlike myself!?

So thats the end of my mini makeup haul, I have since picked up a couple more products from Boots which is not a good sign, but let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future as a kind of first impressions type thang!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and I’ll speak to you soon :)

Love Izzy x

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