Hello everyone!

This post feels so weird for me to write as I’ve been so inactive for the past couple of months. Exam season has obviously been a main factor but also I just haven’t been in the right mindset for blogging and haven’t felt inspired to write on here for a while. I think this means there will be a few alterations from now on as I’ve definitely changed a lot as a person within the last year and to be quite honest with you, there is no point sharing things on my blog if my heart isn’t truly in them. I wan’t this to be a place of positivity and a platform on which I can share life experiences and exciting projects, rather than just reviews and generic “beauty blogger” blog posts. I will continue to do these as and when I feel passionate about a product of course, but I’ll be making an effort to blog more often about the little things that mean more to me. Hope this sits well with you and that you’ll continue to enjoy my content as I start to redesign and renew my love for blogging!!

modern renaissanceAnyway onto today’s blog post (oh look, a generic “beauty blogger” review… but how could I not talk about this on every social media platform possible as it’s my new BABY and I am in love. AKA not just reviewing for the sake of it.)

This, my friends, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ Palette and never have I seen a palette more beautiful. You may have seen me unboxing and watching this in my latest YouTube video (I’ll pop the link at the end if you wanna check that out) but now I’ve tried it out a couple of times I can confirm that it’s worth the hype!

I discovered this through the extortionate amount of makeup artists I keep following on twitter/instagram (I really need to stop doing that, it’s not good for my bank account) and to be quite frank, it stole my heart.

mod renaissance.jpgBefore the palette is even opened, you’re greeted with the most gorgeous pale pink suede coating – which does get grubby very easily unfortunately, but looks so visually appealing I just can’t cope. Inside there are 14 stunning shades ranging from matte to satin to shimmer finishes, each partnered with an adorable (if slightly hard to pronounce) name.

The palette is described as “An essential eye shadow collection with fourteen shades, including neutral and berry tones.” AND IT’S EXACTLY THAT.

abhI love that this palette contains such wearable, everyday shades, yet has incorporated bold pinks and muted reds/oranges to give scope for experimentation. That’s why, for me, it was worth the £41 because I know it’ll be perfect all year round and for such a range of eye looks. I mean those pinks will look so cool in summer but can you imagine that orange shade in autumn oh my, and the gold with that dark brown in winter!? Help.

close up This palette also comes with a dual ended brush, which to be honest with you I probably won’t use all the time as it’s quite diddy but it definitely does the job and will be so useful if you’re on the go. A mirror is also included which is decently sized and so handy.

anastasia beverly hillsOverall I love the aesthetic of this palette but am also obsessed with the pigment of the shadows and how nicely they blend. I’m yet to try every shade as this only arrived on Friday but I can’t wait to get to know this palette more and I’m sure this won’t be the end of me raving about it haha!

Yes, this palette is on the pricier side and, for me, a definite investment. I do think you can get amazing drugstore palettes so don’t feel like this is a necessity to your collection, however if you’re in the market for a new eyeshadow palette and want to treat yourself to something a little more high-end, I cannot recommend this one enough!

Let me know what your favourite eyeshadow palette is in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Love Izzy x

My video :

Where I bought the palette :



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