Makeup Revolution // Ultra Contour Palette

makeup rev contour palette.jpg

Today I wanted to talk about this BEAUT new palette I picked up from Makeup Revolution. It is of course the “Ultra Contour Palette” which I’ve seen endless pictures of on twitter, instagram and on other lovely blogs – so yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and adding my thoughts into the mix just for the hell of it.

This little beauty is only a fraction of the price of many other contour palettes on the market at the moment (ABH I’m looking at u) at only £8 and is so impressive for the price. After owning a bunch of other Makeup Rev products and loving them, I had high hopes for this and its pretty safe to say, it’s lived up!

The palette comes with 8 shades; 4 bronzers and 4 highlighters (although I’d say the bottom right is more of a bronze highlighter than a bronzer, and the yellow shade could easily be used as a setting powder all over the face.)

I enjoy the consistency of these powders and find that they blend really nicely. I also love that there is an ashy brown shade in there (bottom row, 2nd from left) as this makes for a perfect contour shade on more pale skin. The other two bronzers I use for bronzing up the rest of my face rather than contouring. I’m yet to use the bronze highlighter and do think this will be the most neglected of the bunch, however its nice that the option is there if I’m feeling adventurous!

As for the highlighters, lets just talk about top right. HOLY MOLY. This is an insane highlight in an extremely shimmery, almost white shade. Its gorgeous for when you want to go all out and I’ve been using this for nights out etc. rather than everyday as it can be rather intense if you’re not careful! Day to day I’ve been applying the top third shade – a more pink, less shimmery powder which is natural looking but still adds a little more dimension to your makeup.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this palette and have been reaching for it on an almost daily basis. I love that a large mirror has been factored in as this can often be left out with low-end drugstore brands even though it’s always useful to have, particularly if on-the-go. The price is obviously an amazing selling point so if you’re on a budget you can still treat yo’self without breaking the bank and the variation in shades makes it a perfect palette for contour beginners or those looking to experiment more!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this palette, or any of the Makeup Revolution range as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll speak to you soon :)

Love Izzy x

13 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution // Ultra Contour Palette”

  1. I’m so happy to have found a proper detailed review of this product as I’ve been umming and aaring about getting it for a while! but I think i will be buying this as soon as I Can xx

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  2. I love Makeup Revolution and have loved their blush palette, I wanted to get a contour palette so might have to get this one :) As always, loving your blog Izzy!! xxx

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    1. I really wanna get the blush palette, it looks amazing!! Would definitely recommend this one and thank you so much you cutie <3 xx


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