7 Interiors To Obsess Over This Spring

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a bit poo with uploading recently and in all honesty, I’m just a bit bored of the style of posts I’ve been writing (reviews and the like) so have been having a serious motivation flop. Please excuse this, I am sure I’ll be back on track once exams etc are over but for now I’m putting no unnecessary pressure on myself to blog as I’m already finding one video a week on my YouTube channel alongside A Levels rather time consuming!!

However tonight I thought I’d take a moment to settle down and type up a chilled blog post filled with beaut images that I have shamelessly stolen from the wondrous internet.

As you may know, I am undoubtedly obsessed with 1) interiors and 2) pinterest …

Therefore it only made sense that I shared with you some of my favourite picks from my own interiors board as I am forever pinning on here (you can follow me on pinterest and see the rest of the board HERE if you like!)

I am loving the dusky pink shades at the moment. Who isn’t? Clothing, instagram themes, nail polish, you name it – I’m all over it. So when it comes to decor I’ve found myself incorporating subtle hints throughout my own bedroom whilst also lusting over impossibly dreamy interiors online.

Of course, I still love my greys, beiges and whites. Simplicity is key and theres just something about minimalist style that I adore.

In terms of materials I’m all about the juxtaposition of soft linen bedsheets with copper metal accessories (thats right, I’m still not over the copper) and as it’s now officially spring, bringing the outdoors indoors and dotting a few plants about the place is something that makes a huge difference and really refreshes a room.

Desk lamps, framed prints and decorative shelves are also common themes within my pinned interiors, aswell as my own bedroom. I just find these can make a space so much more unique and characteristic.

I’d love to see your interior inspirations so leave me a comment with your pinterest link and I’ll be sure to give you a lil’ stalk!

Happy Easter!

Love Izzy xxx


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