// Ellesse Oversized Boyfriend Tee //


Haven’t done an outfit type post for a while so thought I’d whack out the old tripod and get snapping seeing as I picked up a new tee on ASOS recently (bloomin’ typical) and I’m growing rather fond of it.

Oh, I should probably mention; the reason I’m holding my phone in every picture is because I was trying out this snazzy remote control feature my camera has, I wasn’t just trying to act all cool and unsociable… obviously.

backAnyway the tee I’m referring to is the Ellesse Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt which I purchased for £20 after yet another one of my “I’m bored of revision, let’s look on ASOS” sessions.

I was a little unsure of how to style the top at first because it’s an oversized piece which often isn’t the most flattering option, however I chucked on some ripped denim shorts and came to the conclusion that it looked best roughly tucked in for a super casual look. These shorts were from Boohoo and were very reasonably priced but you can find shorts like this pretty much everywhere.

back 2On my feet I have my grey Nike Internationalists to tie into the sporty theme I’m totally rocking here (pls stop laughing) and over the top I’ve got my vintage Armani jacket which I wear all the time to add some warmth. A really casual and comfy outfit which can easily transform into summer attire with the removal of the tights and jacket!

nikesThis is something I’d most likely wear to sixth form when I can’t really be bothered to make an effort as the top is crazy comfy and I find the tights and shorts combo such an easy one. Then again, we all know I’ll just end up living in this top as I hibernate in my own room watching netflix haha

Let me know how you would style this tee in the comments below and don’t forget to follow via bloglovin, wordpress or email if you want to stay updated – all can be found in the sidebar!

Love Izzy x



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