The Ambiguous Project // #3

Hi everyone!

So this week I’ve pretty much just been cooped up in my bedroom slaving away – not on a new blog post or vlog but instead completing coursework as deadlines begin to rapidly creep forward (can you rapidly creep? I’m not sure). The stress is piled high and served with a big ol’ dollop of panic. Ah the joys of A-Levels.

This means I’m currently stood up as I write this which is an interesting experience. In my kitchen to be precise, as I wait for a mood board to print on photographic paper which is taking a bizarrely long time. But I thought I’d make the most of this spare moment to quickly type up an update on what is probably a forgotten series for most of you.

Yes thats right, the dramatically named Ambiguous Project is back and it’s back for good.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m rabbiting on about then I urge you to cast your eyes to THIS blog post in which I introduce the idea and then THIS one in which I really kick things off.

If you just have a vague recollection of this project then feel free to go and have a little recap before you continue. Go on… off you pop… I’ll wait here…

So you’re all caught up now I presume, and probably thinking ‘jeez, she really left us hanging for a good 3 months there’. You’re right, what a bad blogger I am. However after a LOVELY young lady (bit patronising, we’re probably the same age) named Assunta commented on my instagram, I was so inspired to carry on with the series and thought why the heck not, seeing as it got a great response last time!

I’ll leave the comment here (Assunta, I hope you don’t mind me sharing!?) because it was just such a heartwarming thing to read!

“Hi, i just wanted to say that i loved your blog post on your sketchbook, this is my second year of doing photography and i honestly had no ideas for how to make the designs different and more unique – until i found your blog 💜”

*heart melts*

ANYWAY (bloomin’ heck you can tell I’m procrastinating), onto the actual sketchbook which I know you’re all dying to see (joking obvs).mydubio.jpg

(damn rain smudging my work urgh)

So after gaining inspiration from a mind map and mood boards on previous pages, it was time to move onto artist research and this is where I decided to do things a little differently and investigate bloggers and their photography styles rather than typical ‘photographers’.

The first blog I featured, which focused on minimalist style and interiors with a modern twist was ‘My Dubio’ –

As you can see, I arranged the double page spread in a way which segmented the writing amongst the images and kept the colours very monochromatic which is reflective throughout the rest of the book aswell. I kept the overall layout very simple and chose not to mount all of the images, but just a few, as I find this often looks a lot nicer.

(I’ve sat back down now by the way, in case you were concerned about my welfare, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to head back to essay writing – yes even creative subjects require essays – so I’ll continue with this sketchbook chatter tomorrow… which for you will literally be in a few seconds when you scroll down to the next paragraph)

flat lay

I’m back, and much more relieved as I’ve managed to hand everything in on time – hurray for me!!

So on the next page I explored the horrifically stereotypical, but very much beautiful, ‘fashion flat-lay’. I adore scrolling through these kinds of images on Instagram and Pinterest so it was obvious they’d end up in my sketchbook somewhere. This kind of page is again useful for looking back on throughout the project to gain inspiration – therefore the page is quite image-heavy with just a little bit of writing, explaining how this style has developed in the social media world throughout recent years.


Following on from this, I dedicated the next couple of pages to just a few of my favourite Instagram accounts. I selected images from each account that fitted well with my theme so that I’d later be able to write about them and link them to my final piece. It’s great to play around with how you lay out the images so as you can see, this time I went for blocks of 4 which I think works quite well with the whole Instagram square theme. Also please excuse that awfully drawn Instagram icon hahaha *cries*

I don’t want to go overboard here, so I think I’ll leave today’s post at that. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into the beginnings of my research and potentially found it useful. Obviously don’t copy as copying is totally not cool and originality is key – but you’re welcome to take ideas away with you :)

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Love Izzy xxx


// Ellesse Oversized Boyfriend Tee //


Haven’t done an outfit type post for a while so thought I’d whack out the old tripod and get snapping seeing as I picked up a new tee on ASOS recently (bloomin’ typical) and I’m growing rather fond of it.

Oh, I should probably mention; the reason I’m holding my phone in every picture is because I was trying out this snazzy remote control feature my camera has, I wasn’t just trying to act all cool and unsociable… obviously.

backAnyway the tee I’m referring to is the Ellesse Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt which I purchased for £20 after yet another one of my “I’m bored of revision, let’s look on ASOS” sessions.

I was a little unsure of how to style the top at first because it’s an oversized piece which often isn’t the most flattering option, however I chucked on some ripped denim shorts and came to the conclusion that it looked best roughly tucked in for a super casual look. These shorts were from Boohoo and were very reasonably priced but you can find shorts like this pretty much everywhere.

back 2On my feet I have my grey Nike Internationalists to tie into the sporty theme I’m totally rocking here (pls stop laughing) and over the top I’ve got my vintage Armani jacket which I wear all the time to add some warmth. A really casual and comfy outfit which can easily transform into summer attire with the removal of the tights and jacket!

nikesThis is something I’d most likely wear to sixth form when I can’t really be bothered to make an effort as the top is crazy comfy and I find the tights and shorts combo such an easy one. Then again, we all know I’ll just end up living in this top as I hibernate in my own room watching netflix haha

Let me know how you would style this tee in the comments below and don’t forget to follow via bloglovin, wordpress or email if you want to stay updated – all can be found in the sidebar!

Love Izzy x


Online Avenue // Heeled Boots


When it comes to shoes, I’m definitely someone who is not very adventurous at all (raise your hand if ya feel me) so when I received this pair of heeled boots from ‘Online Avenue‘ I was a little dubious as to how I would style them.

(It’s also bloody freezing here in the UK at the moment hence why I haven’t put together a full outfit post for you today – sorry about that! Just thought I’d show you guys what they look like on and let you know a little bit about the brand itself)

excuse the dirty mirror and plugs, how classy of me

So these are the ‘Kylee Lace Up Tassle Ankle Boots‘ from and as you can tell they are black fringed, faux suede, heeled boots with a lace up tie – very different to my usual flat boots, however if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, particularly for an occasion or night out, these might be the ones for you!

Online Avenue have such a huge range of shoes and boots, from thigh highs to clogs (each to their own..) and the best bit is that they’re all so affordable!! These ones are just over £20 so you can easily whack them out once in a blue moon and not feel too bad about splashing out on those comfy trainers you really want at the same time!

online avenue

“Add edge to any outfit with these knockout boots featuring laces and fringing. With a sky high chunky heel and lace up detail, you’ll earn extra style points by stepping out in a pair of Kylees. Choose from timeless black faux suede or seasonal mocha faux suede and make sure all eyes are on you.”

Online Ave. are continually adding to the collection with super on-trend styles so if you want to experiment with something a little different without breaking the bank, I would recommend checking them out!

These boots retail for £20.49 and have an approximate height of 9.5cm/3.5″.

You can purchase them HERE

Let me know how you would style these heels in the comments below and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy x

(yes, these shoes were sent to me to review by Online Avenue through etailPR, however all opinions are my own!)