Reflecting on 2015 // Welcoming 2016

So, after a morning of meeting up with old friends and an afternoon of discussing nye plans with new ones, I decided it was time to settle down and write up my end of year blog post.

If you’re curious as to what I was like a year ago, here is 2014’s brief summary in which I mainly discuss the transition from secondary school to sixth form, friendships and self confidence (deep I know).

Time has flown by and here we are again. A year older, a year wiser (I like to think) and a year more experienced in general life. So here goes, let’s pop our armbands on and reflect on the last 12 months.

*heads to instagram to try and remember what I’ve actually achieved this year*

Okay so from what I can remember, the start of the year was pretty much the same as 2014 (we can’t expect things to change that quickly, steady on). However one of my resolutions was to get my blogging act together and it turned out to perhaps be the only resolution I’ve ever stuck to!? From January onwards I started to get contacted by brands, PR companies and blogging networks and not only did this mean I started to get “freebies” (amaze) but also motivated me to continue writing and encouraged me that people actually read my content (bizarre af). My stats started to steadily increase and I was getting heart-warming comments and new followers on a daily basis. It made me feel like what I was doing was actually worthwhile and made me realise how much more popular blogging has become since I started back in the day.

So of course I pursued this passion of mine throughout the rest of the year. There has undoubtedly been times (December could be considered one of them) where I have really lacked inspiration to blog and simply felt as though there was no point (I guess life got in the way but more on that later) however overall I have definitely grown my blog in the past year and I’m rather proud of little old me for sticking with it and continuing to waste time on something that other people can enjoy (questionable) instead of on netflix lol.

Something that was on my mind a lot at the start of 2015 was YouTube and whether or not I should create my own channel. As someone who has been a bit of a YT nerd for about 5ish years, I’ve always thought it would be something I’d enjoy but never had the confidence to go ahead with it. After one year at sixth form – in which I found likeminded people who shared my weird addiction of watching people on the internet (no not those kinds of people, get your mind out of the gutter pls) I decided that it wasn’t so weird after all and maybe I should just go for it??

So in July I bit the bullet (was v crunchy) and uploaded my first video to YouTube (it’s hideous, don’t watch it). Over the next 6 months I uploaded a variety of videos – hauls, favourites, you know the type – and gradually the amount of subscribers increased and again I had some amazing feedback on what I was doing which is always so encouraging!

Of course there is always the issue of people finding out that’s constantly on my mind. I used to be so paranoid that people I knew ‘in real life’ would find out about my blog/channel and I still cringe so much when I think about it, but I’ve learnt that I definitely need to care less about what other people think because the good comments drastically outweigh the negative comments (I don’t think I’ve actually had a single negative comment which is lovely!) I now have people that I haven’t spoken to for years subscribe to my channel every now and then and it does creep me out a little bit ngl, but at the end of the day as long as I enjoy doing it, I’ll carry on making videos for as long as YouTube exists!! (“pls don’t” I hear you cry).

Anyway, so yes one of the main things that’s changed a lot in 2015 is my attitude towards blogging etc. I’d say I’m definitely more careful about what I write and film these days (now I realise people actually read/watch) but we all know I still need to reduce my rambling! (30 minute vlogs shall become a thing of the past, I promise).

In terms of day to day life, I am now a working gal – one of my aims for 2015 was to save money and whilst I’m not sure I’m ‘saving’ it I’m definitely making it which is fab. I’ve made some lovely friends through working at Boots (Hannah I’m looking at you, you cheeky sauce pot) and even coincidentally revived some old school year 7 friendships (Meg, I still don’t even know if you read my blog but hi if you do you cutie patootie). I’ve also learnt how to work tills and shizz which is cool.

Sixth form is average as ever. Not a huge fan of the education system if you hadn’t realised already but woop for revising for pointless mock exams during ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ :) (need to stop angrily pressing so hard on my keyboard, christ). Alas, it is almost over so just a few months of hell to battle through and then I’m a free bird for over a year. Can’t frigging wait.

I travelled a little bit more this year. A highlight of summer was a super cute trip to London with my sixth form (just slagged it off but tbf that trip was pretty decent). I had a peng time with my gals Izzie, Kasia and Meg (different Meg to earlier in case you were confused) and looking back at those photos always makes me smile. I also went on a lovely holiday to France with my family in summer and later on in the year I went to Nice in France with my parents which is a beautiful place to visit if you haven’t already!

I cut quite a lot of my hair off this year, gave it to charity, loved it, hated it, then re-dyed what was left. I discovered a restaurant called CAU. Saw Ben Howard live. Went to the most beautifully decorated wedding. Got a new camera. Festivalled it up at Barn on the Farm 2015. Spent way too much money in Lush. Rearranged my bedroom. Drank a large quantity of hot drinks. Made a cute internet friend (Jess u babe). Realised that vodka shots are not the one. Passed my AS levels. Melted enough candle wax to drown the whole of Bristol. Listened to too much grime for a basic white girl and did many other things which I’ll 100% regret not including in this list.

Overall it’s been a pretty great year. Obviously every year has it’s ups and downs but that’s life so what can you do.

My aims for 2016 are to pass my A levels (good luck m8), upload better YouTube videos so I can make all the old ones private, plan my gap year so I can become a total globe trotter and generally have a good old LOL with all the people in life that I love.

Thankyou once again for sticking by me on this blog,

Love from a slightly less embarrassing Izzy xxx


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2015 // Welcoming 2016”

  1. IZZZZZZY BB!!!!! I might cry I read your post from last year too and you’re so reflective and cringey and cute and inspiring ❤️ Big love little pickle and super excited for another year of blogging for us both xox

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