Christmas Lush Haul // 2015

lush christmas haul

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not blogging in quite a while *slaps back of hand* but I’m a rather busy/lazy gal and quite frankly it has slipped to the bottom of my priorities list (sadly).

However I’ve been meaning to type up this blog post for a while – ever since I uploading this video in which I showed you lovely lot all the beauties I’d picked up from the Lush Christmas Range this year.

As with my Oxford Street Lush Haul, the video went down super well, but again I was extremely vague when it came to descriptions. So here, I plan to give you guys the low down on exactly what all the products smell like and their functions, in case you’re a total newbie or just love reading about Lush in general!

Obviously I haven’t got the entire collection as that would be a little extreme but here’s what I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on;


  • Lord Of Misrule – This one was brought out for Halloween and I believe was originally released in 2013 (again as a limited edition halloween product). It’s quite a big bomb so could be used twice if desired, but I used this one all in one go and OH BOY, it was a spectacle. The smell is reminiscent of patchouli intertwined with vanilla absolute and black pepper to give it a tiny bit of spice, and the visual effects are something else. With a pink centre, this green bomb leaves your bath water a really deep wine shade. Personally, this is my new favourite bath bomb and I have my fingers crossed that it returns as a non-limited product some time soon!
  • Star Dust – This one is quite a contrast to LOMR as it’s probably my least favourite product from the ones I picked out. Bold statement I know but it simply lacked that magical element and I found it to be quite a dull bath tbh. The scent was made up of “Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla  and precious restorative rosewood” which was a simple yet nice combo however there was no colour to the bomb aside from a tiny bit of blue, and let’s just say I wasn’t whipping out the phone to instagram that shizz.stardust
  • Cinders – This is one that’s made it’s way back onto the shelves of Lush after making an appearance last year aswell. I remembered really liking it so chucked another one in my basket. I found that the scent was slightly different to what I remembered and although I recognised it as marzipan-like, it’s described as fruit punch which I kinda get!? It’s quite a small one so nothing as incredible as LOMR (I shouldn’t have started with that one as nothing can compare ahaha) but nice nonetheless and a great one for bonfire night or new years eve.
  • Butterbear – Again, another basic bitch. However a very cute one. This bomb is an all-year round product (butterball), but transforms into an adorable little bear at christmas time. It’s very simple and doesn’t do anything fancy to the bath but it smells of vanilla and makes your skin feel SO soft as it’s packed full of cocoa butter.
  • Father Christmas – This is the first one I’m writing about that I haven’t yet tried but I’m very excited to as I’ve heard it makes the bath red and green! As you can see it looks like the head of santa and it smells a lot like snow fairy but much more subtle which I LOVE. Again this is one of the bigger bath bombs so I think I’m gonna save this one for christmas eve!!lush christmas range


  • Bar Humbug – Moving onto bubble bars, Bar Humbug is definitely a great one in terms of re-usability. I have used this about 3-4 times already to add bubbles and a lovely purple colour to my bath and I still have the majority left!! This one smells of liquorice and  softening organic illipe butter (whatever the heck that is!?) and is priced really reasonably for the amount of uses you can get out of it in my opinion.
  • Five Gold Rings – I love the concept of this one. You could use this as a countdown to christmas (or just whenever you feel like a glittery vanillary bath!) as you only need one ring per tub and it’s a nice alternative to the wand-style reusable bars. This one turns the bath yellow with fine golden glitter running through the water and has a lovely warm vanilla scent.
  • Candy Mountain – This is an absolute classic for me. It has that typical ‘snow fairy’ scent but is again a lot more subtle so if you find that one a bit overpowering, I’d recommend this one. It looks so pretty with a swirl of pink and white and has a slight shimmer to it so would look super cute just chilling in your bathroom or wherever you store your bath prods! snow fairy.jpg


  • Lord Of Misrule – Peng. Smells like the bomb and is absolutely gorge in the shower! It’s quite a thin shower gel but lathers so well and the scent lingers around all day which I love. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Snow Fairy  – This is a lot of people’s favourite when it comes to christmas. It’s a bit of a cult classic and so this year I decided I HAD to try it. I’m regretful to inform you that I do find this one a little overpowering – even though I’m obsessed with the other candy type scents. However it’s still nice for christmassy mornings when I want something a little sweeter!


  • Yog Nog Soap – This is another one of my fave xmas products from the range as it smells beautiful!! It’s quite a unique scent which I think smells of burnt toffee or fudge and contains nutmeg and a dusting cocoa powder making it christmassy as heck. Again the scent of this lasts ages on ma bod and lathers up really nicely.
  • Snowman Fun – I’ve only used this one a couple of times and as it is my first bar of fun from Lush I am still unsure how I feel about it. It works as either a bubble bar, a soap or a shampoo and I have experimented with all 3 uses. I find it quite difficult to use as a shampoo and it doesn’t crumble easily under the tap but it does make quite a nice soap. I can’t lie, I’ve neglected this one as I much prefer using one of the shower gels or yognog but I am going to try to use this a lot more throughout winter!

Phwaor, so that’s the end of my christmas lush blog post!! Sorry it was quite a long one, but I wanted to give a few details about each product. I really hope you enjoyed/ found this useful and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx

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