Beauties Factory // 120 Eyeshadow Palette & Brushes

beauties factoryRecently I got sent a couple of things to try out from a brand called ‘Beauties Factory‘. Whilst I had never heard of this particular brand, I have always loved the look of the huge 120-shade type palettes that you can find on eBay, Amazon and various other online stores. I’ve been tempted to purchase one many times before but have always been doubtful of whether the quality would actually be any good, so when I got the opportunity to try this one out I was very excited! I mean who doesn’t want 120 very similar shades to choose from when painting their eyelids!?affordable 120 shade paletteI chose quite a neutral palette hence why the colours are very earthy with many warm tones throughout. I like this because I’m not one for crazy coloured makeup and so it keeps it simple whilst still providing plenty of scope for experimentation!

In terms of packaging, the shadows come presented in a sleek black palette on two separate layers which means you can take one layer out and spread them across both sides which is a great way of keeping the shadows intact and protected. The palette is also pretty lightweight making it great for travel.

In terms of the actual quality of the eyeshadows, obviously I am yet to try every shade so can only give you my first impressions, however they seem pretty decent! I think it’s clear that they’re not going to be comparable to Mac or Urban Decay – or even the likes of Drugstore brands such as Sleek and Makeup Revolution for that matter – however they are still pretty great if you’re looking to experiment with a huge shade range. Perhaps if you’re new to makeup and want to find out what works for you, or if you wanted to do quite a complex eyeshadow look which required a broad spectrum of shades.

That being said, I am currently swatching some on my hand and the pigmentation of particular colours is really impressive. The darker browns and smokey shadows are a lot more pigmented than the lighter ones which tend to be quite powdery and a little bit pathetic at actually showing up – but this is usually the way so don’t let it put you off if you prefer the darker colours!

I think these palettes retail for around £16 ($24.99) which to be honest isn’t the cheapest option out there. However when you consider just how many eyeshadows you get it works out as just over 12p per shade! I guess it just depends how often you would use the palette and how many of the shades you would actually benefit from.beauties factory brush setI was lucky enough to receive a set of brushes alongside the palette. I believe you can buy the two together for around £25 which is a pretty good deal!

I got a set of 12 which can be used for both the eyes and the face. I’ve been using them for the past week or so and have definitely been impressed with the eyeshadow brushes. I find that the face brushes are a little sparse and I prefer denser brushes for bronzers/blushers etc. however the small flat ones are great for packing on eyeshadow (sadly no fluffy blending brushes in here) and I have been using the small angled brush to do my eyebrows everyday and love it! There is also a really fab gel eyeliner brush in there which makes it super easy to do a thin line of liner – something I always struggle with! 12pc brush setThe quality of the brushes isn’t anything crazy special. There was one or two where the glue was visible and I have noticed with the fluffy face brushes that they do malt a little. However they are priced reasonably for the amount that you get and I really like this set purely for the eye brushes. All 12 are presented in a faux leather case which again is perfect for travelling.

If you fancy checking out the website and potentially making a purchase then click HERE.

Thankyou to Beauties Factory and EtailPR for sending over these goodies!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll speak to you soon,

Love Izzy xxx


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