My Autumn Essentials // 2015

autumn essentials 4If you follow me on any form of social media, I am sure you’ll be fully aware of my love for autumn by now. This time of year is my absolute favourite.

Whilst summer is lovely in terms of birthdays, holidays and cute pom pom shorts, by the time August draws to a close I begin to crave cosy nights in and have to try very hard to refrain from cracking out the candles.

In my book, autumn started long ago and I’ve been patiently waiting for everyone else to accept that Christmas is just around the corner. However now that the general public seem to have adjusted to the new season (chop chop please people) and the shops have started to display Christmas decor in every form, I can finally unleash the excitement and oh boy it feels good.

So today I thought I’d share with you a few of the things that are making life that tiny bit nicer as I try to weave my way through the year. After all; “it’s the little things that make life wonderful.”heritage pumpkinFirst up: candles, candles, candles! The satisfaction and joy these babies bring me is actually a little worrying at times. I just find it so cosy and relaxing when there’s a beautifully scented candle flickering away at my side as I type, write or read (or sit next to my lush basket smelling every product for the 3284th time) and there’s such a range these days it’s hard not to find one you fall in love with. A current favourite of mine is the Halloween Heritage Pumpkin 2-wicked candle which is getting dangerously close to it’s last days (would it acceptable to buy a halloween candle in November!?) I have been burning this non-stop for the past month or two and it’s such a lovely one. far from madding crowdrimmel 107No Autumn-inspired blog post would be complete without a berry lipstick so of course I’ve included my favourite A/W shade which is Rimmel’s 107. This is such a popular shade and I can totally understand why. It suits a lot of skin tones but looks especially great on pale skin which is why I love it for the colder months – when I’ve forgotten what the word ‘tan’ even means.

For the nails, a dark shade is also very complimentary for this time of year. The one I chose to photograph is Barry M’s ‘Crush’. It’s a matte shade which I’m still a little unsure about, but I love the colour of this and, for me, Barry M are definitely a ‘go-to’ brand for nails – so affordable and such a great range of shades, including a tonne of darks for Autumn!

I’m not a massive perfume fanatic, however a scent that I adore this season is ‘Under My Spell, Noelle’ by Benefit. It’s got a really christmassy kick to it and, whilst it’s very hard to describe, it smells incredible and I’ll definitely be using this a lot over the next few months. vaselineOf course, cosy scarves are a must-have for British winter, however I’m reluctant to get mine out just yet (I won’t feel the benefit of it come December you see) so instead I tend to opt for my tartan scarf if I want a little extra layer. It can easily double up as a blanket (meaning I just win at life really) and is much more lightweight and autumnal in my opinion.

Cosy socks are another essential for this time of year. These navy Hollister ones look super cute with skirts and dresses  – the only issue I have is what shoes do you wear with these!? I did brave it and wear them out with lace up boots the other week and whilst my feet therefore looked a little odd, my legs were very cosy indeed and it made a nice alternative to tights!MOMMThere’s no doubt that Autumn is the perfect time for pampering yourself and of course no pamper session is complete without a face mask. My favourite is ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ by Lush. It’s peppermint scented so is very refreshing and really does wonders for the skin.

I also love love love having baths during Autumn and popping into Lush is becoming a weekly (possibly daily?) occurrence at the moment. Seeing as my Oxford Street supply has dwindled rather drastically, I’ve started to gather up as many christmas lush products as I can justify (lush haul = my excuse for every purchase) and I bloomin’ love it! mask of magnamintyOn the more practical side, a lip balm is always handy during the transition of seasons. If you’re an avid reader of mine you’ll know that Carmex is my one and only BUT the cocoa butter vaseline just looked so much nicer in the photo OKAY!? (pls don’t judge). On another note though, look how beautifully fresh that Vaseline is!!

Last but definitely not least, no cosy evening in is complete without a string of fairylights (or in my case, 4). I have these dotted around my bed, mirror, bookshelf and window and it totally warms the place up, making my bedroom look really pretty and welcoming. Basically; fairy lights + candles = ultimate bedroom aesthetic.

Let me know what little things you’ve been loving lately in the comments and make sure you’re following via bloglovin’, wordpress or email (all in the sidebar or below if you’re on a phone/tablet) if you’d like more autumn filled blog posts to float your way!

I hope you’re having a lovely day,

Love Izzy xxx

8 thoughts on “My Autumn Essentials // 2015”

  1. I’m exactly the same, I swear I start thinking about autumn/winter/Christmas in like August and just have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up! I’m still getting excited as I see different stores getting there Christmas ranges out! I seriously agree with everything you’ve said here, I even have that nail vanish shade! Great choices :D

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I bet we’d get along so well haha!! I LOVE seeing all the festive things entering the stores! I’m so tempted to paint my nails this colour now I’ve talked about it :) Thankyou for stopping by! xx


  2. Don’t you dare try and convert me into an Autumn lover…(I just watched you Halloween makeup tutorial and though OOH that looks goood, I need help before I start buying pumpkin earrings and eating soup for fun) xx

    Liked by 1 person

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