The Ambiguous Project // #2

A while ago I decided to start this new blog series that I promised to commit to… I’m sure most of you have forgotten it even existed it’s been so long, but today I am back with part two of the dramatically named ‘Ambiguous Project’.

If you don’t know what I’m on about, click HERE to read the first instalment!title pageI promise over the space of a month I have done much more than what I will be sharing today, but I didn’t want to go overboard with too many images and thought I would instead show you what I got up to in the first two week phase of the project.

Everything has to start somewhere and in the case of this sketchbook I went for a simple title page that clearly states what my theme is and gives a little taste of the colour scheme and general style of my future work. I originally titled my project ‘Fashion Photography’ but apparently this is not quite “academic” enough and, whilst still acceptable to study, I was advised to change it to a rather long-winded alternative. It’s now “Design, Shape and Human Form” as I wanted to focus on a mixture of portraiture, interiors and still life. It was rather irritating when I had to go over the ‘fashion’ part of the title hence the rushed and messy typography there!IMG_5700In order to explore what I really wanted to study I created a mind-map which allowed me to run wild with thoughts and ideas and jot them down as soon as they entered my head. I find this super useful to look back on when I become a little stuck half way through the year and realise I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Sometimes looking back at your original ideas can be just as inspiring as thinking up new ones. mood board After the mind map comes one of my favourite parts; the mood board. I assembled a range of printed pictures mainly found on Pinterest alongside cuttings from magazines displaying stunning interiors and bold headlines to give the pages an editorial feel. Neat was not the look I was going for when I arranged the layout for these pages. I wanted it to seem as though I had simply strewn a load of photos out in front of me and allow the inspiration come from there. Again, I find this extremely helpful to look back on in times of need. mood board 2

As you can see, at the moment I have opted for neutral tones throughout my book. I love the mixture of white, black and brown paper merged with hints of muted pink, grey and blue. I hope to continue this and, by creating a mood board, I have discovered a style I enjoy greatly – a minimalist, classic look with a contemporary twist. Some may say that is so “typically blogger” of me, but to that I can only say “bring on the marble biatch.”

Love Izzy xxx

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