Is Cannabis the Secret to Amazing Skin!? // Carun Skincare

carun skincare

A while ago, I received some new skincare items from a brand called ‘Carun’ who specialise in hemp based products that claim to be the ‘ultimate skin saviours’!

I have been trying them out for the past few weeks and so feel as though I have gotten to know the two products well and can now give my honest opinion to you lovely people!

First of all; yes, both these products contain a form of Cannabis (you my have guessed from the title), but DON’T WORRY – it’s 100% legal & natural and applying this to your face will not get you high lol :)

Instead, the ‘healing super-powers of hemp’ are supposed to protect you from the inside out, restore balance in the body and leave you with a rejuvenated glow. Sounds pretty fab to me.

So the two items I have been trying out are the Skin Cream (50ml) and the All Purpose Ointment (105ml) both of which are priced at £16.99 – a little pricey I’ll give you that, but if you’re prepared to up your skincare game and can stretch your budget a little further then this might be for you! Also the ointment will last YEARS as there is so much in the pot and a little really goes a long way.

1 Cream, 7 Ways:

The ‘Skin Cream’ can be used in a number of different ways…

  • Daily moisturiser
  • Anti-wrinkle cream
  • Scar and blemish treatment
  • Primer and make-up base
  • Repairs and protects skin
  • Night cream
  • Increases skin elasticity

I have been using it as a night cream in place of a moisturiser so I can allow it to do it’s job overnight. I’ve been finding that it is pretty hydrating and it sinks into the skin really nicely, although it can feel a little greasy after application.

I’m finding it very hard to judge if this has ‘healing powers’ in terms of banishing spots and blemishes because my skin is going through a bit of a gross phase at the moment (#teenlife) but I enjoy using it in conjunction with the ointment which I will move onto now…

1 Ointment, 7 Ways:

  • Heals and soothes irritated skin
  • Acne treatment
  • Scar and blemish treatment
  • Intense moisturiser
  • Eye cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Cuticle and hand cream

This one is my personal favourite out of the two as I feel like this is great for applying directly to spots and I do feel that it makes them heal a lot more quickly than they would on their own. I’ve never tried applying this all over the face as it does feel quite oily and as I have oily-combination skin I feel that would be a bit intense. I have got this on my lips at the moment as a lip balm though and I am liking it! It’s not too greasy like Vaseline and it doesn’t disappear straight away like some other lipbalms so I think this may be a potential Carmex competitor!? I haven’t actually tried this as a hand cream until now *quickly applies to cuticles* but it’s definitely hydrating and I can imagine this would be very beneficial to your nails/cuticles. (I have literally just applied some all over my hands and it does feel very greasy so hopefully that will sink in ASAP so I can resume typing normally haha)

The smell is a little unusual but it definitely grows on you and isn’t anything too strong so you can only really smell it when applying. Aswell as the curing hemp properties, this range is hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and all-natural. It treats skin conditions from psoriasis to eczema and acne to burns, aswell as being suitable for all skin types which is amazing!

So to summarise, I am not sure trialling these products has been life-changing, however I definitely enjoy using the all purpose ointment as I do feel that it makes a difference to blemishes when used as a spot treatment. I would say the products are a little on the expensive side but considering how natural they are and the ingredients they contain, it is understandable that these are not your typical drugstore items!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Carun in the comments below, or if Cannabis Skincare is something you’d be interested in using.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll speak to you soon,

Love Izzy xxx

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2 thoughts on “Is Cannabis the Secret to Amazing Skin!? // Carun Skincare”

  1. Just came here from your Youtube channel and I see this and you really made me interested in it. I’mm going to a horrible time with my skin, can’t wait to get out of it! Anyways, I love your blog as much as your channel, I’mm following you and hope to see you on my blog sometimes :) xoxo

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