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Ah the classic converse. I feel like these never really go out of style and are so wearable it’s crazy. Before Nikes came into my life earlier this year, my white converse were my go-to shoes and now that they’re on the edge of death, these black ones have made a beaut new addition to my shoe collection.

There are limitless ways to style these shoes so this post isn’t anything ground-breaking. However I thought I’d show you one way that I’ll be wearing these throughout autumn because, once I’ve been through the hell of wearing them in (plasters at the ready), I know I’ll be wearing them lots!!

I decided to just go with a simple outfit that looks like you’ve put in much more effort than you actually have. These super ripped dungarees from Boohoo fit with the casual look perfectly and I decided to tie a lightweight, plaid shirt from H&M around my waist as, not only does it add an extra element to the outfit but is also great if it get’s a little colder (the weather this day was very unpredictable).

Underneath the dungarees I have a little white crop top which I picked up for a few pounds in Primark and on my shoulder I have my new favourite bag from Zara. If you’re wondering where my ADORABLE coffee cup is from, I bought a pack from Tiger for £1 and I think they’re are amazing as I can now drink mocha on my way to sixth form!

Obviously on my feet are the Black All Star Ox Converse which were extremely kindly sent to me by Get The Label – a website where you can buy designer brands at a reduced price! You also get free delivery if you spend £40 so it’s definitely worth checking out the site if you want to save a bit of money.

Let me know what you think of the outfit and if you’re a converse lover like myself in the comments! Also, if you don’t follow me on other social media you may be wondering ‘Izzy where the heck has your hair gone!?’ Well, I had it all chopped off and donated 8 inches to the Little Princess Trust; an amazing organisation that creates wigs for children with cancer. I’m still getting used to it but thought I’d just give it a mention in case you were a little confused haha!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll speak to you soon,

Love Izzy xxx

Buy the Converse for £44.99 HERE

(Thankyou very much to Get The Label and EtailPR for this blog post opportunity)


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