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Well, well, well. Here I am sat planning out this weeks blog schedule (not that I will stick to said schedule at all – it’s more a form of procrastination you see) after a lovely relaxing yoga session, with my chai tea in hand and my cosy christmas socks on, gazing at my new ghost-shaped tealight holder which matches last years pumpkin one (yes I did go on a specific trip to town with Izzie to look at halloween decorations and smell autumnal candles instead of doing work #noragrets)…

WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN; I get notified that I’ve been nominated by my fave lil’ stalker, Jess (from, to do the Sweater Weather Tag (a.k.a write a whole blog post about my favourite time of year; Autumn. YES THEN!)

Mission 100% Accepted.

(Also I feel like I haven’t done a long, rambly, chatty blog post for ages so hello there old friend, grab a mug of somethin’ hawt, light a candle and join me for a glorious autumn/fall Q&A)

photo from pinterest

Favourite Candle Scent? I LOVE a good candle and Autumn is by far the best time for candles in my opinion. By the time winter comes the novelty has worn off slightly and it becomes more of a necessity/habit to light one and during summer they’re just not the same BUT when summer ends and you realise it’s FINALLY acceptable to whack out the matches and melt some wax… well let’s just say it fills me with much joy. Anyway, back to the question at hand. My current favourite scents are ‘Vanilla Chai’ and ‘Fireside Treats’ from Yankee (in my opinion, the tarts are revolutionary – they last bloomin’ ages and are so cheap!?) but in general I love spicy scents with hints of cinnamon and peppermint and all things christmas-themed.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? Hmm tricky as I don’t really love any of the 3 but rather variations of each. Let me explain. Rather than Coffee, I’ll have a mocha, instead of standard tea I’ll have a chai (obvs) and if hot chocolates on the table I’d rather go for a white one. I take my hot drinks very seriously.

What’s The Best Fall Memory You’ve Had? All of my falls have been painful though? #bantz #lol  (no but seriously I can’t think of a specific one so you got a bad pun instead)

Which Make-Up Trend Do You Prefer: Dark Lips or Winged Eyeliner? I feel like winged eyeliner is pretty acceptable all year round whereas people look at you a bit odd if you wear purple lipstick in mid-june so I’ll go for the dark lips on this one.

Best Fragrance For Fall? Urgh there’s always a fragrance question! I’m with Jess on this one. I’m really not a big perfume person but if I ever come across a delish cinnamon scented perfume I shall bathe in it.

Favourite Thanksgiving/Fall Food? Well considering we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK I’ll go with ‘fall’ food. I’m definitely partial to a bit of gingerbread (or is that considered a christmas food?) I do love a cinnamon swirl (or anything cinnamon flavoured if I’m honest) and of course the classic British roast which, if done right (in other words, made by my grandma) is a beautiful dish indeed.

What is Autumn weather like where you live? When I’m living in my cosy bedroom (80% of the time) it’s amazing. I’m still waiting for a storm to come riding on the wind any day now but as long as I go to bed with the sound of rain then I’m happy. When I’m outside it’s a different story. Umbrella’s flying inside out, soggy feet because you definitely shouldn’t have worn those pointed suede flats and damp hair which you might aswell not bother styling for the next 6 months because it’ll only get worse.

Most Worn Sweater? It’s getting me quite down that I don’t think I suit sweaters (or jumpers) as much as I thought I did (did I ever think that or did I just try to force myself into liking them? who knows?) so I don’t actually wear them much. I do have a super cosy navy Hillfiger jumper which I stole from my sister though (soz pls don’t take it back) which I love!!

Football Games Or Jumping In Leaf Piles? I’m sure people that know me in real life are wetting themselves at this question because realistically can you imagine me doing either? No.

Favourite Type Of Pie? Well what a random question!? I feel like whoever created this tag clearly had Pumpkin Pie on their mind however I’m going to say that my favourite is Shephard’s Pie (which coincidentally I just ate for dinner, lucky me). Is it technically a pie? I’m not sure, but alas it is perfection (shoutout to Daddy Mac for the best shepz out there)

Which Song Really Gets You In The Fall Spirit? Tom Odell’s ‘Long Way Down’ Album is one I always love listening to during fall. It must be because I bought it around October time and it was also the year I discovered chai tea lattes and the Mortal Instrument’s books – what a GLORIOUS autumn that was. (See 2013’s October Faves HERE where I talk about all 3 things, if you want a bit of a lol at old skool Izzy the secret blogger who thought no one was reading).

photo from

Is Pumpkin Spice Latte Really Worth The Hype? Ohh now we’re talking. When the PSL hits you know it’s basically time to start painting your face for halloween and get cracking with the christmas shopping (okay maybe that’s a little extreme but we should definitely get a bank holiday to mark this occasion in my opinion). I don’t know if it’s the actual taste that makes me love the PSL or just the sentimentality of it. One of my best friends Louise (hello if you’re reading you beautiful human) and I always make an annual trip or two to good ol’ starbs to drink our PSL’s, attempt to instagram them and just generally be typical white girls and I BLOODY LOVE IT. So yes, in my opinion, if you have someone amaze to share the experience with, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is definitely worth the hype.

Halloween – Yay or Nay? Excuse me, wot?

Fall Mornings or Evenings? One million percent evenings. I genuinely feel like autumnal evenings are my speciality and if you could study them at university I would be off like a shot.

There are a couple more questions but I feel like I’ve probably bored you to death with all my autumnal ramblings by now so I’ll leave you to live your life.

If you’re an anti-autumnist then please go and try a PSL, buy yourself a ghost/pumpkin tealight holder and spend as long as physically possible in a yankee store. It’ll do you some good.

Alternatively, if you’re an autumn lover like myself then give me a WOOP WOOP and go do the same as listed above because #yolo.

I hope you enjoyed this chatty blog post! I’m currently thinking up video ideas for the halloween/autumn season so please leave suggestions in the comments!! Also let me know what your favourite thing about Autumn is in the comments.

I hope you’re having a lovely day,

Love Izzy xxx

(I’ve just come back to edit this and realised I forgot to tag anyone amongst the autumnal madness I was experiencing last night -when I wrote this- so if you’re reading and you have a blog then I officially am tagging you do do it!!)


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  1. AS IF I WOULD STALK YEWWW *surgically masked about to vom emoji*

    I’ve only read this post about 3 times and subscribed to your YouTube channel and got Bloglovin just to make sure you don’t like other people more than me it’s no big deal


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