Pizzadillas! // 10 Minute Recipe


If you know me, you’ll know I’m a bit of a huge pizza addict so anything oozing with melted cheese and tomato sauce makes me turn into the heart eyed emoji.

Therefore when I discovered the wondrous world of ‘Pizzadillas’ I was awestruck and thought I’d better share the oh-so-simple recipe here in this little community of (hopefully) fellow pizza enthusiasts.

I have to credit Pinterest for this (and also the blog (and also my sister Emily for finding it!) but I wish I’d thought of this myself because it really is genius (and actually fairly obvious if you think about it).

I’ve made two of these this week (no joke I’ve had them for lunch today and yesterday and I have #noragrets) which means I’ve tried them both hot and cold and can confirm that they are delicious either way.melted cheese

Anyway, onto how I did it!

You literally just get a wrap (you can use wholemeal if you’d like to be healthier than me – which let’s face it, is very easy) and spread tomato purée over one half. This acts as the pizza base and tomato sauce in case you hadn’t realised and is much much much easier than making your own from scratch.

Next is the fun part where you get to add whatever you like! I decided to tear up one slice of ham (you probably only need 1/2 a slice but yolo) and then scattered a shed load of grated cheddar cheese over the top. I kept it simple as I’m not very adventurous with my pizza toppings, but you could add pretty much anything you like; peppers, salad leaves, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms chicken etc. etc. etc. I even added a lil’ bit of feta the first time and it was delicious!

After this you need to fold the wrap in half (folding the bare side over the toppings otherwise you’ll end up in a bit of a pickle) and then place it in a frying pan over a low-medium heat. Flip the pizzadilla over every now and again (I would recommend using two utensils for this) and wait until golden brown and slightly crispy.

Remove from the pan and cut into halves or quarters (I do quarters because then it looks like pizza slices lol) before DEVOURING.

Super simple. Super speedy. Super scrumptious.

It’s only now that I realise most people have probably seen these loads before but if, like me, this is excellent news to you then I hope you enjoy and let me know if you make/have made these in the comments!

Hope you’re having a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx


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