Makeup Revolution Lipsticks // Review

makeup rev lipsticks

If you’re a hardcore follower of mine (you really should be, just saying) you’ll probably already be aware that I am a huge fan of the makeup brand that has recently hit the majority of superdrugs around the country; Makeup Revolution.

This brand is comparable to MUA, NYC and other super affordable cosmetics brands but in my opinion is far better! Not only does it look that tiny bit more high end (I mean have you seen the ‘Flawless’ Palette!?) but the quality of all the products I’ve tried so far is impressive to say the least.

After raving about their eyeshadows, I felt it was only right to experiment with some of the lip products they have to offer. I headed over to the stand and found the £1 lipsticks but also a separate range called ‘Lip Geek’ which were priced at £1.99 each with a much wider range of shades to choose from.

I decided to go with 3 shades which are all completely different. We have a vampy, purple shade with a hint of gold shimmer (perfect for autumn), a coral tinted ‘your lips but better’ shade (great for everyday) and finally a classic pale nude shade (brilliant paired with a smoky eye). I’m actually wearing the purple shade in my blog photo, over there at the top of the sidebar!shade names

Although somewhat cheesy, I love that Makeup Revolution have bothered with shade names – I don’t know if this is just a beauty blogger thing but I frigging love shade names!?

I also find it impressive that these lipsticks are packaged in individual boxes with a cute design. Something you definitely don’t usually get with drugstore lipsticks. The actual plastic encasing of the product, I’m not such a huge fan of. Metallic pink and purple isn’t quite on the same level as matte black or gold.

However, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this is what I’m thoroughly impressed with! These lipsticks are firstly very pigmented and surprisingly long lasting. I would say that you do have to reapply these every now and again (especially if you’ve opted for a dark shade, else you get that scary outline that looks like you’ve forgotten to apply lipstick after lipliner) but then again, that’s the same with every lipstick I’ve tried. It’d have to be some pretty magical stuff if it’s gonna stay ALL day!

The main thing I love about these lipsticks is just how moisturising they are! They honestly don’t dry out your lips at all and feel so creamy when you apply them – it’s like putting on a lip balm. I am wearing a Rimmel lipstick as we speak and although it is more matte, this means it is quite drying and it has a much more heavy feel. With the Makeup Rev’s I almost forget I’m wearing lipstick at all!

lip geek

I cannot recommend these lipsticks enough for the price! I would highly rate these if you’re on the hunt for a great drugstore lipstick or if you just want to try out some new shades.

Let me know if you’ve tried these or any of the Makeup Revolution products in the comments.

If you’d like to visit their website click HERE.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and good luck to everyone going back to school this week!

Love Izzy xxx


11 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Lipsticks // Review”

    1. They are amazing! That sucks! My nearest one is too small aswell but luckily there’s a much bigger one not too far from me. You could always order online though!? xx


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