How I Style Black Converse // Get The Label

   Ah the classic converse. I feel like these never really go out of style and are so wearable it's crazy. Before Nikes came into my life earlier this year, my white converse were my go-to shoes and now that they're on the edge of death, these black ones have made a beaut new addition… Continue reading How I Style Black Converse // Get The Label

The Sweater Weather Tag

Well, well, well. Here I am sat planning out this weeks blog schedule (not that I will stick to said schedule at all - it's more a form of procrastination you see) after a lovely relaxing yoga session, with my chai tea in hand and my cosy christmas socks on, gazing at my new ghost-shaped… Continue reading The Sweater Weather Tag

Orelia Jewellery // Golden Tones

  Recently I was kindly sent some lovely new pieces from Orelia; a gorgeous jewellery brand created by founder Louisa who really caught the travelling bug and wanted to create a range that was between high street and designer level, inspired by Eastern Asia. I've written up a review for Orelia before on my blog, so I was… Continue reading Orelia Jewellery // Golden Tones

The Ambiguous Project // #1

I don't often commit to blog 'series' here at DCITR but today I had a little idea and thought perhaps some of you would approve of said idea and would be interested in following along with it in a selection of blog posts over the next few months. So what actually is the idea? Well, it's… Continue reading The Ambiguous Project // #1

Pizzadillas! // 10 Minute Recipe

If you know me, you'll know I'm a bit of a huge pizza addict so anything oozing with melted cheese and tomato sauce makes me turn into the heart eyed emoji. Therefore when I discovered the wondrous world of 'Pizzadillas' I was awestruck and thought I'd better share the oh-so-simple recipe here in this little community of… Continue reading Pizzadillas! // 10 Minute Recipe

Dirty Velvet // 100% Organic Cotton Clothing

Recently I got in contact with a brand called 'Dirty Velvet' who very kindly offered to send me a couple of pieces from their new Autumn/Winter range! "Dirty Velvet is a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream. Our aim is to create… Continue reading Dirty Velvet // 100% Organic Cotton Clothing