How I Style Black Converse // Get The Label

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Ah the classic converse. I feel like these never really go out of style and are so wearable it’s crazy. Before Nikes came into my life earlier this year, my white converse were my go-to shoes and now that they’re on the edge of death, these black ones have made a beaut new addition to my shoe collection.

There are limitless ways to style these shoes so this post isn’t anything ground-breaking. However I thought I’d show you one way that I’ll be wearing these throughout autumn because, once I’ve been through the hell of wearing them in (plasters at the ready), I know I’ll be wearing them lots!!

I decided to just go with a simple outfit that looks like you’ve put in much more effort than you actually have. These super ripped dungarees from Boohoo fit with the casual look perfectly and I decided to tie a lightweight, plaid shirt from H&M around my waist as, not only does it add an extra element to the outfit but is also great if it get’s a little colder (the weather this day was very unpredictable).

Underneath the dungarees I have a little white crop top which I picked up for a few pounds in Primark and on my shoulder I have my new favourite bag from Zara. If you’re wondering where my ADORABLE coffee cup is from, I bought a pack from Tiger for £1 and I think they’re are amazing as I can now drink mocha on my way to sixth form!

Obviously on my feet are the Black All Star Ox Converse which were extremely kindly sent to me by Get The Label – a website where you can buy designer brands at a reduced price! You also get free delivery if you spend £40 so it’s definitely worth checking out the site if you want to save a bit of money.

Let me know what you think of the outfit and if you’re a converse lover like myself in the comments! Also, if you don’t follow me on other social media you may be wondering ‘Izzy where the heck has your hair gone!?’ Well, I had it all chopped off and donated 8 inches to the Little Princess Trust; an amazing organisation that creates wigs for children with cancer. I’m still getting used to it but thought I’d just give it a mention in case you were a little confused haha!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll speak to you soon,

Love Izzy xxx

Buy the Converse for £44.99 HERE

(Thankyou very much to Get The Label and EtailPR for this blog post opportunity)

The Sweater Weather Tag

Well, well, well. Here I am sat planning out this weeks blog schedule (not that I will stick to said schedule at all – it’s more a form of procrastination you see) after a lovely relaxing yoga session, with my chai tea in hand and my cosy christmas socks on, gazing at my new ghost-shaped tealight holder which matches last years pumpkin one (yes I did go on a specific trip to town with Izzie to look at halloween decorations and smell autumnal candles instead of doing work #noragrets)…

WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN; I get notified that I’ve been nominated by my fave lil’ stalker, Jess (from, to do the Sweater Weather Tag (a.k.a write a whole blog post about my favourite time of year; Autumn. YES THEN!)

Mission 100% Accepted.

(Also I feel like I haven’t done a long, rambly, chatty blog post for ages so hello there old friend, grab a mug of somethin’ hawt, light a candle and join me for a glorious autumn/fall Q&A)

photo from pinterest

Favourite Candle Scent? I LOVE a good candle and Autumn is by far the best time for candles in my opinion. By the time winter comes the novelty has worn off slightly and it becomes more of a necessity/habit to light one and during summer they’re just not the same BUT when summer ends and you realise it’s FINALLY acceptable to whack out the matches and melt some wax… well let’s just say it fills me with much joy. Anyway, back to the question at hand. My current favourite scents are ‘Vanilla Chai’ and ‘Fireside Treats’ from Yankee (in my opinion, the tarts are revolutionary – they last bloomin’ ages and are so cheap!?) but in general I love spicy scents with hints of cinnamon and peppermint and all things christmas-themed.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? Hmm tricky as I don’t really love any of the 3 but rather variations of each. Let me explain. Rather than Coffee, I’ll have a mocha, instead of standard tea I’ll have a chai (obvs) and if hot chocolates on the table I’d rather go for a white one. I take my hot drinks very seriously.

What’s The Best Fall Memory You’ve Had? All of my falls have been painful though? #bantz #lol  (no but seriously I can’t think of a specific one so you got a bad pun instead)

Which Make-Up Trend Do You Prefer: Dark Lips or Winged Eyeliner? I feel like winged eyeliner is pretty acceptable all year round whereas people look at you a bit odd if you wear purple lipstick in mid-june so I’ll go for the dark lips on this one.

Best Fragrance For Fall? Urgh there’s always a fragrance question! I’m with Jess on this one. I’m really not a big perfume person but if I ever come across a delish cinnamon scented perfume I shall bathe in it.

Favourite Thanksgiving/Fall Food? Well considering we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK I’ll go with ‘fall’ food. I’m definitely partial to a bit of gingerbread (or is that considered a christmas food?) I do love a cinnamon swirl (or anything cinnamon flavoured if I’m honest) and of course the classic British roast which, if done right (in other words, made by my grandma) is a beautiful dish indeed.

What is Autumn weather like where you live? When I’m living in my cosy bedroom (80% of the time) it’s amazing. I’m still waiting for a storm to come riding on the wind any day now but as long as I go to bed with the sound of rain then I’m happy. When I’m outside it’s a different story. Umbrella’s flying inside out, soggy feet because you definitely shouldn’t have worn those pointed suede flats and damp hair which you might aswell not bother styling for the next 6 months because it’ll only get worse.

Most Worn Sweater? It’s getting me quite down that I don’t think I suit sweaters (or jumpers) as much as I thought I did (did I ever think that or did I just try to force myself into liking them? who knows?) so I don’t actually wear them much. I do have a super cosy navy Hillfiger jumper which I stole from my sister though (soz pls don’t take it back) which I love!!

Football Games Or Jumping In Leaf Piles? I’m sure people that know me in real life are wetting themselves at this question because realistically can you imagine me doing either? No.

Favourite Type Of Pie? Well what a random question!? I feel like whoever created this tag clearly had Pumpkin Pie on their mind however I’m going to say that my favourite is Shephard’s Pie (which coincidentally I just ate for dinner, lucky me). Is it technically a pie? I’m not sure, but alas it is perfection (shoutout to Daddy Mac for the best shepz out there)

Which Song Really Gets You In The Fall Spirit? Tom Odell’s ‘Long Way Down’ Album is one I always love listening to during fall. It must be because I bought it around October time and it was also the year I discovered chai tea lattes and the Mortal Instrument’s books – what a GLORIOUS autumn that was. (See 2013’s October Faves HERE where I talk about all 3 things, if you want a bit of a lol at old skool Izzy the secret blogger who thought no one was reading).

photo from

Is Pumpkin Spice Latte Really Worth The Hype? Ohh now we’re talking. When the PSL hits you know it’s basically time to start painting your face for halloween and get cracking with the christmas shopping (okay maybe that’s a little extreme but we should definitely get a bank holiday to mark this occasion in my opinion). I don’t know if it’s the actual taste that makes me love the PSL or just the sentimentality of it. One of my best friends Louise (hello if you’re reading you beautiful human) and I always make an annual trip or two to good ol’ starbs to drink our PSL’s, attempt to instagram them and just generally be typical white girls and I BLOODY LOVE IT. So yes, in my opinion, if you have someone amaze to share the experience with, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is definitely worth the hype.

Halloween – Yay or Nay? Excuse me, wot?

Fall Mornings or Evenings? One million percent evenings. I genuinely feel like autumnal evenings are my speciality and if you could study them at university I would be off like a shot.

There are a couple more questions but I feel like I’ve probably bored you to death with all my autumnal ramblings by now so I’ll leave you to live your life.

If you’re an anti-autumnist then please go and try a PSL, buy yourself a ghost/pumpkin tealight holder and spend as long as physically possible in a yankee store. It’ll do you some good.

Alternatively, if you’re an autumn lover like myself then give me a WOOP WOOP and go do the same as listed above because #yolo.

I hope you enjoyed this chatty blog post! I’m currently thinking up video ideas for the halloween/autumn season so please leave suggestions in the comments!! Also let me know what your favourite thing about Autumn is in the comments.

I hope you’re having a lovely day,

Love Izzy xxx

(I’ve just come back to edit this and realised I forgot to tag anyone amongst the autumnal madness I was experiencing last night -when I wrote this- so if you’re reading and you have a blog then I officially am tagging you do do it!!)

Orelia Jewellery // Golden Tones

Orelia Jewellery orelia orelia earrings leaf necklace orelia necklace

Recently I was kindly sent some lovely new pieces from Orelia; a gorgeous jewellery brand created by founder Louisa who really caught the travelling bug and wanted to create a range that was between high street and designer level, inspired by Eastern Asia.

I’ve written up a review for Orelia before on my blog, so I was happy to get the chance to do so again as I adore their designs and think the quality is amazing. This time I chose gold jewellery over silver as I felt this was lacking in my collection and I always think gold looks that little bit prettier around autumn and christmas time (just me?)

I genuinely love all the items I received in my (adorably wrapped) package, however my favourite has to be these earrings. I think the design is so unique; a sort of ‘V’ shape which looks minimalist, classic and understated yet is much more interesting than simple studs. I can wear these earrings for pretty much every occasion, whether that’s on a day-to-day basis or paired with a dressier outfit for a night out or event, so for me this is perfect as I’m rather lazy when it comes to earrings and usually end up continuously wearing the same pair for days on end.

Both necklaces are also right up my street. One’s a little golden leaf (hello there autumnal vibes) which is super wearable for everyday, whereas the other features a spear pendant made from grey opal, semi-precious stone on a longer golden chain. The stone matches a certain pair of trousers I have perfectly so I now feel very put together when I wear that outfit! In my opinion, both styles are staples.

Semi Precious Spear Necklace (HERE) ~ £20

Pretty Leaf Ditsy Necklace (HERE) ~ £10

V Stud Earrings (HERE) ~ £8

I would definitely recommend checking out Orelia’s website if any of these items take your fancy, and, if you’re looking for some high quality jewellery that won’t break the bank then this may just be your best bet!

I hope you’re having a lovely week

Love Izzy xxx

(thankyou so much to etailPR for this blog post opportunity)

The Ambiguous Project // #1


I don’t often commit to blog ‘series’ here at DCITR but today I had a little idea and thought perhaps some of you would approve of said idea and would be interested in following along with it in a selection of blog posts over the next few months.

So what actually is the idea?

Well, it’s the start of the new school year and with a new year comes a new photography sketchbook (in my case anyway). This year I’ve been given a huge amount of freedom with what I base my photography project on, which although means I’m not held back by a specific theme, is also very daunting. So many blank pages and so many possibilities. I don’t quite know where to start.

I thought I would name this series ‘The Ambiguous Project’ because none of us know where this will end up, which direction I will take or how the project will change and evolve over time (…or how I will be graded – this is a school project let’s not forget!)

All I know right now is that my chosen starting theme is going to be Fashion Photography. Something I have very little experience in (yes I know this is supposed to be a somewhat fashion type blog but how often do I realistically upload outfit posts?) and is very difficult to pull off, but I wanted to challenge myself and focus on something I find interesting in my personal life outside sixth form.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on for too long. I just wanted to kick start this project today and share with you a little introduction before I delve in and probably destroy the first page.

The stage I’m at now is one of gaining inspiration and planning. A lot of Pinterest searching, a lot of googling ‘what even is fashion photography?’ and a lot of wondering how the heck I’m going to pull this off. All the while, being brave enough to (hopefully) document this on the internet for all to see my potentially awful attempts at fashion photography. Wish me luck.

Love Izzy xxx

Pizzadillas! // 10 Minute Recipe


If you know me, you’ll know I’m a bit of a huge pizza addict so anything oozing with melted cheese and tomato sauce makes me turn into the heart eyed emoji.

Therefore when I discovered the wondrous world of ‘Pizzadillas’ I was awestruck and thought I’d better share the oh-so-simple recipe here in this little community of (hopefully) fellow pizza enthusiasts.

I have to credit Pinterest for this (and also the blog (and also my sister Emily for finding it!) but I wish I’d thought of this myself because it really is genius (and actually fairly obvious if you think about it).

I’ve made two of these this week (no joke I’ve had them for lunch today and yesterday and I have #noragrets) which means I’ve tried them both hot and cold and can confirm that they are delicious either way.melted cheese

Anyway, onto how I did it!

You literally just get a wrap (you can use wholemeal if you’d like to be healthier than me – which let’s face it, is very easy) and spread tomato purée over one half. This acts as the pizza base and tomato sauce in case you hadn’t realised and is much much much easier than making your own from scratch.

Next is the fun part where you get to add whatever you like! I decided to tear up one slice of ham (you probably only need 1/2 a slice but yolo) and then scattered a shed load of grated cheddar cheese over the top. I kept it simple as I’m not very adventurous with my pizza toppings, but you could add pretty much anything you like; peppers, salad leaves, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms chicken etc. etc. etc. I even added a lil’ bit of feta the first time and it was delicious!

After this you need to fold the wrap in half (folding the bare side over the toppings otherwise you’ll end up in a bit of a pickle) and then place it in a frying pan over a low-medium heat. Flip the pizzadilla over every now and again (I would recommend using two utensils for this) and wait until golden brown and slightly crispy.

Remove from the pan and cut into halves or quarters (I do quarters because then it looks like pizza slices lol) before DEVOURING.

Super simple. Super speedy. Super scrumptious.

It’s only now that I realise most people have probably seen these loads before but if, like me, this is excellent news to you then I hope you enjoy and let me know if you make/have made these in the comments!

Hope you’re having a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx

Dirty Velvet // 100% Organic Cotton Clothing

road to nowhere teeRecently I got in contact with a brand called ‘Dirty Velvet’ who very kindly offered to send me a couple of pieces from their new Autumn/Winter range!

“Dirty Velvet is a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream. Our aim is to create T-shirts with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting our slightly twisted view of the world.”

I was so intrigued by the designs on offer as I know they are very meaningful to the creators and I had fun looking through the online catalogue as they really are very unique and thought-provoking. A kind of fashion that is often hard to come across in the vast world of cheesy slogan tees.

In the end I went for the ‘Road To Nowhere’ Tee and the ‘Busker Bear’ Sweatshirt, both of which can be interpreted in different ways but also look really awesome! dirty velvet jumper All clothing from Dirty Velvet is made with 100% organic cotton making them SO comfortable – particularly the sweatshirt which is insanely cosy with it’s fleecy lining.

Not only this but the clothing production is completely ethical and the quality of the print is amazing. Overall I cannot rate this brand enough for their materials, designs and quality! 100 organic cottonAlthough this brand is aimed at ‘Gentlemen Rebels’ (which I am not, would you believe) and is measured in men’s sizes, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for women and girls to wear whatever the hell they like so I’d say, if you like the look of these designs then go for it gurl! Comfort is everything.

outfit postI thought I’d show you how I style these pieces in today’s blog post because I have literally been living in this outfit all weekend and it’s so easy to just chuck on for running errands or chilling around the house (not that I’ve done that all weekend…) nike internationalist greyI paired the t-shirt with some velvet leggings (I promise this wasn’t an intentional pun, just pure coincidence haha) which are THE comfiest things and are also super soft.

On my feet I wore my Nike Internationalists which definitely stick with the theme of comfort and go with pretty much any outfit.

The sweatshirt I just throw on if it get’s a bit chilly and there we have it! No accessories needed, just a great fuss-free, lazy-day outfit. will sing for honey

‘Road To Nowhere’ T-Shirt in Vintage White – £25.95 (buy HERE)

‘Busker Bear’ Sweatshirt in Dark Charcoal – £46.95 (buy HERE)

(Both available in multiple colours)

Let me know what you think of these garments in the comments and don’t forget to follow via bloglovin’, wordpress or email (all in my sidebar) to stay updated as I have lots of posts planned for the next couple of weeks!

Speak to you soon,

Love Izzy xxx