New In // Ikea Drawer Organisers

Hi everybody!

Earlier this week I decided to change up my makeup storage a little bit, and after a trip to Ikea I found the perfect solution to my forever messy drawers – THE GLIS BOX! Glis Box

This bargain of an organiser is just £4 and the perfect size for many drawers including my Helmer Unit (see here).

I currently only have one of the boxes, which actually come with a removable lid, but am dying to get my hands on some more as they are so useful for organising makeup and beauty products. As you can see, I have used mine for face products along with singular eyeshadows and it’s keeping everything SO much more neat than before!

I have to admit, if I get anymore makeup (which is just inevitable let’s be realistic) we might have a slight issue of overflow, but for now it’s extremely satisfying having everything fit so nicely.
lumi magique

In the back drawer, I’ve decided to put current foundations and concealers as this is one of the bigger areas. Perpendicular to this is another larger section perfect for cheek products (that is, bronzers, and highlighters), powders and some random things like my Nivea Primer and a very rarely used Dream Matte Mousse (#BlastFromThePast). The other 3 portions of the Glis box are smaller, a.k.a ideal for eyeshadows, small blushers etc. I’ve catagorised mine into brands and ordered them in terms of how often I use them because I genuinely am just that sad. I love it.

Image from

I love that you can put just about anything in these boxes though. Obviously I’ve used mine for makeup but you could use them for stationary or jewellery and you don’t have to hide them away in a drawer – I think they’d look pretty snazzy with the lid on top of a desk to tidy things up a bit.

You can visit the Ikea website and take a look for yourself HERE if you’d like!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx


13 thoughts on “New In // Ikea Drawer Organisers”

  1. Love this! I always love having everything so neatly aligned but I’m currently living out of a big makeup box because I’m reshuffling my room! I should probably treat myself to one of these :)!


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