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Hi Everyone,

I’m going to start today’s blog post with a tale from the past (when do I not?) about my previous experiences with eyeliner. (If you really just don’t care feel free to skip to the second picture!)

So, to no-ones surprise, little old me started off with the classic liquid eyeliner in a pot with a brush (probably from Barry M circa 2010). I found that pretty difficult to work with although it did give an intense black line (no good if you’re not yet trained in the art of liner, as 12 year old Izzy clearly wasn’t).

After about a year of struggling on and gradually working my way up in the world of makeup, I heard about the mysterious ‘gel eyeliner’. I was intrigued and knew straight away which one I wanted. The Maybelline one that came in a sexy little frosted pot with a metal lid. I know, I know, nothing fancy and expensive but at the time £7.99 was pushing it to the limit so I settled instead for a cheap Seventeen one (I mean what if I was no good at it!?)

I loved my Seventeen one for a good few months at least, but it dried up with the majority of the product left in the pot (I tried to revive it but it was no use) so this is where I moved onto the trusty felt pen! I’ve been through about 4 of the Collection Extreme Felt Liners and everyone who I’ve personally recommended this to loves it aswell (much better and cheaper than other drugstore liners *cough*scandaleyes*cough*)

Anyway, you may be thinking “Izzy, if you’ve used up 4 of the damn pens surely you would just repurchase it again!?” Alas, my friends, every now and then a change is very much needed. So when I ran out of my latest Collection pen I decided I would ask for the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner for my birthday (let’s be honest I would’ve bought it anyway but I didn’t want to pay if I didn’t have to hehe).

Well, the 17th came and there it was, an unusually shaped little package with this pot of joy contained inside. I was in awe of it’s beauty and couldn’t bring myself to use it on my actual birthday without taking blog photos first (naturally) but by the next day I was dying to try it out. maybelline eyeliner

Now we get to the juicy stuff. What do I actually think about the product?

Well, I’ve used it a couple of times now and I am in LOVE. I decided to start off by using the brush that it comes with, rather than one of my own, and was pleasantly surprised! It applies the product smoothly and evenly and most importantly is very easy to use. The brush is actually dual-ended and has a smudger at one end which I am yet to use as I prefer a crisp winged eyeliner – but I’m sure would be useful for a smokey eye.  Obviously, if you’re not yet used to lining your eyes, I would recommend starting with a felt tip (eyeliner that is, no sharpies please) but even if you’re only slightly practised in the art I really feel like a gel can change your life!

The gel itself is super black (mines the shade noir) and when it says on the packaging “Intense Line” it’s actually not fibbing for once! I feel like so many liners claim to be intensely black but usually after a few uses they begin to fade. This is where a gel is different. You’re guaranteed the same deep black colour with every use (and that’s a lot of uses – don’t be deceived by the small pot, it will last you ages)

If your problem is that your eyeliner wears off by the end of the day then this is potentially your solution (thank me later darling). Again, Maybelline weren’t messing around when they called this product “Lasting Drama” and claim for it to last “Up to 24-Hours”. It literally looks the same as it did when I applied it when I take it off! Even better, it isn’t mission impossible to get off. Just a good micellar water (I’ve been using the Garnier one) and a cotton pad is required for ultimate removal.

Of course, I can’t end this blog post without mentioning the amount of times I’ve caught myself just staring at this gorgeous packaging. I feel like it could easily pass for a high end product, aside from the subtle brand name on the side. You know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this adorable little tin-lidded beauty has been happily welcomed into my collection. (looks like someone needs to get a life).

Let me know your thoughts on gel eyeliners in the comments or if you were equally impressed with this one and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love Izzy xxx


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