Do Our Starsigns Actually Determine Bad Hair Days!?

We all have bad hair days, sure, but is it really just down to whether we slept with it damp, over styled it, thought we could make it one more day without a wash, didn’t brush it because we wanted that textured look only to realise that knots aint cute!? Or is the fault in our hair, actually written in the stars? (see what I did there ;))

I love a deep astrological paragraph all about finding yourself – especially if coincidentally they actually seem true! (that is, if you change your friend bob into a bitchy colleague and apply the ‘love life’ section to your imaginary boyfriend..) So when I saw that Madison Reed (a hair colour company for those who don’t know) had created a unique Hair-o-Scope I was VERY intrigued!

I found my starsign (Leo) and was pleasantly surprised! Let’s take a look shall we….


“You are known for your boldness, lionhearted Leo. Your heart is almost too big for your chest, and you leap to the rescue of your friends fearlessly. No wonder they praise you so much!” (hmmm I’ll let you be the judge of that.)

“Own your wild side by letting your hair go free and untamed with a texturizing mist to create the coveted tousled look. Infuse your mane with golden tones, and—whether you’re a brunette, redhead, or blonde—you’ll radiate like a natural-born leader.”

Well, my favourite style of hair is definitely effortless, pinterest-worthy, sunkissed brunette locks (anyone remember this blog post…)Pinterest Hair Summer Inspiration

And whilst I am constantly trying to achieve this (I literally bought a texturising hair mask this morning) I can never quite get there. Mines more a ‘clearly just got out of bed and forgot that hair actually needs styling’ look.

Often people tell me that I’m lucky to have such straight hair and I have to agree that it is pretty good for low maintenance. I leave it to dry naturally and BAM; dead straight. However I do definitely prefer my mane when it’s on the messy side – a day or two after washing, with a few loose curls in and a lil’ spray of dry shampoo. I just wish I had the time and patience to style my hair!

I’m sure by now you’re all dying to know what your Hair-o-Scope says about your tresses so check out the in-depth article HERE and let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Also, if you’re thinking of dying your hair and would like some advice on which shade to pick, Madison Reed have a super quick quiz that you can take which might help with your decision making! Click HERE to find it.

I wish you a million good hair days and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx


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