Reviving an Old Bronzer!? // Beauty Hack

Hi everyone!

I am pretty excited to write this as something AMAZING just happened to me and I simply have to share!

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else (surely it must have?) but a couple of my bronzers went a bit weird and sort of hardened up a bit. I don’t know how to explain this. It was like they’d gone stale!? I mean I could still use them but they had a very weird texture and felt rough to the touch making it very hard to use the product.

It happened to my Bourjois Delice De Soleil but it recently sorted itself out after a couple of uses – I just had to swirl my brush in rather a lot! However the other product that turned peculiar was a Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer which I was pretty gutted about. This was probably my first proper bronzer, and I won’t lie I am still in love with the matte black Nars- style packaging with the rather sizable mirror and of course the lovely warm brown red-toned powder contained inside.

natural dazzle bronzer

I started to notice that the bronzer was hardly pigmented at all after a while and considering I had paid £9.99 for it (I remember this because I had taken it to the till expecting to pay about £5 and it was a rather unpleasant surprise – I was probably too scared to put it back or argue my case so parted with the extra money in the hope it would exceed expectations….it didn’t)

Alas, I moved on and the infamous Sleek Contour Kit became part of my daily routine. I totally forgot about good old Barry and his bronzer until this summer when I whacked it out determined to revive it and make use of the product. barry m bronzer

THIS is where the little hack I’ve discovered comes into play (I’m sure this is nothing new and only takes a bit of common sense – but if, like me, you have a diseased bronzer/blush, you may want to make note of this)


I’m sure this would also work perfectly well with a knife (not too sharp or it’ll all end in tears) or other blunt edged item. I just used a small nail file as it was the closest thing to me and I seized the opportunity.

I have now been able to use the Barry M bronzer for the past two days and I’m loving it so much! It really gives you that warm bronzey look and as the name suggests looks natural whilst still dazzling! (It’s not actually shimmery, the name is slightly misleading)

Please let me know if this has happened to any of your makeup products, or even better if you know why this happens (!?) and we can all revel in the mysteries of life together in the comments.

Hope you’re having a lovely day

Love Izzy xxx


2 thoughts on “Reviving an Old Bronzer!? // Beauty Hack”

  1. ‘ I was probably too scared to put it back or argue my case so parted with the extra money’ this is me in every social situation. I ALWAYS manage to pick up the tester product in Boots and I’m too embarrassed to get out the queue and swap it so I end up buying it (I swear they’re not allowed to sell it but maybe they sense my awkwardness and ignore the law)

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    1. oh god it’s so horrendous isn’t it! I’d probably mention that they put the wrong price on the shelf now, but little 12 year old Izzy was wayyy to shy for that haha! and yeah i’m pretty sure that’s some kinda illegal exchange ://

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