What’s in my Beach Bag!? // Collaboration with Boohoo.com

What's in my beach bag

Hello you!

Last week I took a trip to the South of France with my family and when boohoo asked me if I’d like to collaborate with them on a ‘What’s in my Beach Bag’ campaign I jumped at the chance! Although we weren’t near any beaches, we did have our own private pool for the week which meant that I was very much in the holiday mood and was able to think about what I would take to the beach had we gone.

beach bag contents

Here’s what I packed;

  • Beach Bag (Boohoo)* ~ Common sense tells me that you can’t really pack a bag without the bag itself, so this bright pink straw one is perfect for chucking it all in whilst still looking super cute and summery!
  • Swimsuit (New Look last year) ~ I was wearing my bikini as I took these photos but fortunately I also packed this stripy blue swimsuit which is great if you want more coverage at the beach. (Obviously my imaginary beach comes with a very warm sea!)
  • Beach Towel ~ Of course, you’ll need a towel to dry off with if you do decide to venture into the sea. They’re also an essential sunbathing item unless you want to end up wearing a onesie made of sand.
  • Flip Flops (Primark) ~ I picked up these blue and white striped flip flops for just £1 in Primark and I love them! Whilst they have a rubber toe post which I normally find uncomfortable for walking, they are perfect for the beach or poolside as they’re fully waterproof and easy to slip on/off. Plus they match my swimsuit!
  • Sunglasses (Jeepers Peepers) ~ I couldn’t possibly go to the beach without my sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes and look effortlessly cool but they’re great for covering up those makeup-less eyeballs!
  • Beach Cover Up (Boohoo)* ~ Unless you’re lucky enough to live ON the beach, it’s likely you’ll need to travel there and personally I prefer to wear something over my swimwear for this portion of the day. This paisley swing dress from Boohoo is perfect for throwing on over a bikini aswell as looking super cute in general. This was one of my favourite things to wear in France as I adore the pattern and colours and find the fit really flattering. boohoo paisley swing dress
  • A good holiday read ~ I love taking a book to the beach because I find it boring to sunbathe with nothing else to do. This holiday I read ‘Let’s Get Lost’ by Adi Alsaid and I really enjoyed it! It was the perfect summer story all about one girl’s road trip and how she changes the lives of four other teenagers.
  • iPod ~ I also like to my iPod and headphones with me, particularly if I have a long drive to the beach.
  • Sun Cream ~ I feel like I’ve been good at applying sun cream this summer! Normally I hate putting it on because it’s quite a lot of effort for someone as lazy as me, but of course it’s very important that we do wear it when out in the sun to protect our skin (and not just at the beach!!)
  • Tangle Teezer ~ If I go in the pool or sea my hair tends to get quite knotty (and not in the pretty ‘beach waves’ type of way..) so I make sure I pack my trusty tangle teezer which can always sort out my mane for me. It’s also compact and waterproof aswell as being bright enough that I can easily find it in my bag!
  • Lip Balm (Carmex) ~ I often forget that you’re supposed to protect your lips from the sun aswell as your skin. Not only is Carmex my favourite lip balm ever but it contains SPF 15 so having this in my beach bag encourages me to apply it throughout the day and keeps my lips moisturised at the same time.
  • Water ~ I don’t think I’ve ever been sensible enough to take this to the beach myself but usually someone I’m with has some kind of drink available for times of need. I do think that next time I go to the beach I should pack a water bottle though as it’s always good to stay hydrated!
  • Beach Ball (Tiger)* ~ Finally you need something fun for the beach. I have fallen in love with this little strawberry beach ball, sent to me by Boohoo, which I named Fraiser (because strawberry in French is ‘fraise’…. duh)

Thankyou again to Boohoo for working with me on this blog post and don’t forget to check out their Holiday Shop for some gorgeous pieces!

I’ve also created a short video to go alongside this blog post so search ‘daisychainsintherain’ on YouTube to find it!

Let me know what your beach/pool essentials are in the comments and if you’re visiting the beach any time soon I hope you have a lovely time!

Love Izzy xxx

Items marked with (*) have kindly been sent to me. All other items have been purchased with my own money. 


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