My Latest Videos + A Little Update

Hello everybody!

When this blog post goes live I will actually be in France on holiday with my family (and hopefully the sunshine)!

I mentioned on Twitter but wanted to let you know here aswell in case you don’t follow me there, that I will be without wifi from today until next weekend and therefore won’t be able to respond to any comments for a while (obviously I’ll still reply when I get back so don’t go thinking I’m being rude and ignoring you!)

I have scheduled a video to go up on Monday as usual, although there won’t be one on Thursday as I wouldn’t have had time to film, edit and upload one. Monday’s is quite a chit chatty one which is extra long to make up for the missing Thursday video!

So that’s a bit of an update about what my schedule is for the following week. There won’t be any blog posts until I return so if you miss me (I know you secretly will) then here is a summary of my latest videos.

On Thursday I uploaded my first monthly favourites, it’s a chatty one and probably my favourite video so far so I’d love if you could give it a watch…

Before that I uploaded a makeup tutorial which was a little scary considering I had to film myself facially naked for y’all to see but hopefully you might gain some inspiration for how to do your makeup this summer or just gain an idea of how I do mine. It’s gold and coral themed and I’ll hopefully be wearing this style of makeup on holiday!

If you’re not a fan of videos over 10 minutes, this next one will be the one for you! It’s a super quick haul where I show you all the bits and bobs I picked up in London including a Topshop BARGAIN!

If you’re a Lushie like me you may want to watch my Huge Oxford Street Lush Haul which is by far my most viewed video! Right after I write this I’m going to have a lovely bath using some of the products mmmm

Anyway, this isn’t all of my videos but I thought I’d just write a blog post with a bit of a mixture so that you can get a vibe for my channel and see if you’re all caught up! If you didn’t know I had a YouTube channel then now you do and I really hope you enjoy! If you do, don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss another one.

I’ll speak to you next week (!!) and I hope you’re all having a fabulous summer!

Love Izzy xxx


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