I Attempted To Vlog!? // New Video

Hi everyone! Long time no speak! I hope you are well and enjoying the end of the summer holidays if you're a student like myself. I for one, am excited and a half about autumn/winter (starting year 13? not so much) Anyway, the reason I've been absent over the past few days is because I… Continue reading I Attempted To Vlog!? // New Video


What I Got For My Birthday! // New Video

Good Evening Everybody! After struggling through all the technical troubles I've encountered with my laptop during the past 24 hours, I have finally managed to upload today's video! I'd had a couple of requests to upload a birthday haul and I personally love watching these types of videos, so thought why not!? Obviously I am super grateful for every single present… Continue reading What I Got For My Birthday! // New Video

New In // Ikea Drawer Organisers

Hi everybody! Earlier this week I decided to change up my makeup storage a little bit, and after a trip to Ikea I found the perfect solution to my forever messy drawers - THE GLIS BOX!  This bargain of an organiser is just £4 and the perfect size for many drawers including my Helmer Unit… Continue reading New In // Ikea Drawer Organisers


Hi Everyone, I'm going to start today's blog post with a tale from the past (when do I not?) about my previous experiences with eyeliner. (If you really just don't care feel free to skip to the second picture!) So, to no-ones surprise, little old me started off with the classic liquid eyeliner in a… Continue reading MAYBELLINE GEL LINER

Q&A // New Video

Hi everyone, Sorry this is no super interesting blog post but I've been quite busy today and as it's a Thursday I have uploaded a YouTube video instead. Tomorrow I shall resume with the 'proper' blog posts and this will continue for the rest of the week as promised! Anyway, today I uploaded my first… Continue reading Q&A // New Video

Do Our Starsigns Actually Determine Bad Hair Days!?

We all have bad hair days, sure, but is it really just down to whether we slept with it damp, over styled it, thought we could make it one more day without a wash, didn't brush it because we wanted that textured look only to realise that knots aint cute!? Or is the fault in our… Continue reading Do Our Starsigns Actually Determine Bad Hair Days!?

Reviving an Old Bronzer!? // Beauty Hack

Hi everyone! I am pretty excited to write this as something AMAZING just happened to me and I simply have to share! I don't know if this has happened to anyone else (surely it must have?) but a couple of my bronzers went a bit weird and sort of hardened up a bit. I don't… Continue reading Reviving an Old Bronzer!? // Beauty Hack