I Attempted To Vlog!? // New Video

Hi everyone!

Long time no speak! I hope you are well and enjoying the end of the summer holidays if you’re a student like myself. I for one, am excited and a half about autumn/winter (starting year 13? not so much)

Anyway, the reason I’ve been absent over the past few days is because I travelled up to Reading (all by myself, how brave of me) to stay with my sister for the weekend. She goes to uni there and so I went up to stay in her new house!

We had a super fun weekend and I actually vlogged one of the days where we went shopping, ate out for lunch and spent the evening watching films.

Sorry if I seem a bit awkward throughout the video – I feel really weird filming in front of people and especially in public so I may have seemed a bit quiet etc.

I hope you enjoy the video anyway! Daily vlogging is definitely something I’d love to get better at so hopefully with some practise I can upload them more often!

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Love Izzy xxx


What I Got For My Birthday! // New Video

Good Evening Everybody!

After struggling through all the technical troubles I’ve encountered with my laptop during the past 24 hours, I have finally managed to upload today’s video!

I’d had a couple of requests to upload a birthday haul and I personally love watching these types of videos, so thought why not!?

Obviously I am super grateful for every single present and a huge thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday – I had a lovely few days celebrating with friends and family!

I really hope you enjoy the video (even though it’s a very long one!) and if you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and of course please subscribe if you haven’t already!

Love Izzy xxx

New In // Ikea Drawer Organisers

Hi everybody!

Earlier this week I decided to change up my makeup storage a little bit, and after a trip to Ikea I found the perfect solution to my forever messy drawers – THE GLIS BOX! Glis Box

This bargain of an organiser is just £4 and the perfect size for many drawers including my Helmer Unit (see here).

I currently only have one of the boxes, which actually come with a removable lid, but am dying to get my hands on some more as they are so useful for organising makeup and beauty products. As you can see, I have used mine for face products along with singular eyeshadows and it’s keeping everything SO much more neat than before!

I have to admit, if I get anymore makeup (which is just inevitable let’s be realistic) we might have a slight issue of overflow, but for now it’s extremely satisfying having everything fit so nicely.
lumi magique

In the back drawer, I’ve decided to put current foundations and concealers as this is one of the bigger areas. Perpendicular to this is another larger section perfect for cheek products (that is, bronzers, and highlighters), powders and some random things like my Nivea Primer and a very rarely used Dream Matte Mousse (#BlastFromThePast). The other 3 portions of the Glis box are smaller, a.k.a ideal for eyeshadows, small blushers etc. I’ve catagorised mine into brands and ordered them in terms of how often I use them because I genuinely am just that sad. I love it.

Image from Ikea.com

I love that you can put just about anything in these boxes though. Obviously I’ve used mine for makeup but you could use them for stationary or jewellery and you don’t have to hide them away in a drawer – I think they’d look pretty snazzy with the lid on top of a desk to tidy things up a bit.

You can visit the Ikea website and take a look for yourself HERE if you’d like!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx


gel liner

Hi Everyone,

I’m going to start today’s blog post with a tale from the past (when do I not?) about my previous experiences with eyeliner. (If you really just don’t care feel free to skip to the second picture!)

So, to no-ones surprise, little old me started off with the classic liquid eyeliner in a pot with a brush (probably from Barry M circa 2010). I found that pretty difficult to work with although it did give an intense black line (no good if you’re not yet trained in the art of liner, as 12 year old Izzy clearly wasn’t).

After about a year of struggling on and gradually working my way up in the world of makeup, I heard about the mysterious ‘gel eyeliner’. I was intrigued and knew straight away which one I wanted. The Maybelline one that came in a sexy little frosted pot with a metal lid. I know, I know, nothing fancy and expensive but at the time £7.99 was pushing it to the limit so I settled instead for a cheap Seventeen one (I mean what if I was no good at it!?)

I loved my Seventeen one for a good few months at least, but it dried up with the majority of the product left in the pot (I tried to revive it but it was no use) so this is where I moved onto the trusty felt pen! I’ve been through about 4 of the Collection Extreme Felt Liners and everyone who I’ve personally recommended this to loves it aswell (much better and cheaper than other drugstore liners *cough*scandaleyes*cough*)

Anyway, you may be thinking “Izzy, if you’ve used up 4 of the damn pens surely you would just repurchase it again!?” Alas, my friends, every now and then a change is very much needed. So when I ran out of my latest Collection pen I decided I would ask for the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner for my birthday (let’s be honest I would’ve bought it anyway but I didn’t want to pay if I didn’t have to hehe).

Well, the 17th came and there it was, an unusually shaped little package with this pot of joy contained inside. I was in awe of it’s beauty and couldn’t bring myself to use it on my actual birthday without taking blog photos first (naturally) but by the next day I was dying to try it out. maybelline eyeliner

Now we get to the juicy stuff. What do I actually think about the product?

Well, I’ve used it a couple of times now and I am in LOVE. I decided to start off by using the brush that it comes with, rather than one of my own, and was pleasantly surprised! It applies the product smoothly and evenly and most importantly is very easy to use. The brush is actually dual-ended and has a smudger at one end which I am yet to use as I prefer a crisp winged eyeliner – but I’m sure would be useful for a smokey eye.  Obviously, if you’re not yet used to lining your eyes, I would recommend starting with a felt tip (eyeliner that is, no sharpies please) but even if you’re only slightly practised in the art I really feel like a gel can change your life!

The gel itself is super black (mines the shade noir) and when it says on the packaging “Intense Line” it’s actually not fibbing for once! I feel like so many liners claim to be intensely black but usually after a few uses they begin to fade. This is where a gel is different. You’re guaranteed the same deep black colour with every use (and that’s a lot of uses – don’t be deceived by the small pot, it will last you ages)

If your problem is that your eyeliner wears off by the end of the day then this is potentially your solution (thank me later darling). Again, Maybelline weren’t messing around when they called this product “Lasting Drama” and claim for it to last “Up to 24-Hours”. It literally looks the same as it did when I applied it when I take it off! Even better, it isn’t mission impossible to get off. Just a good micellar water (I’ve been using the Garnier one) and a cotton pad is required for ultimate removal.

Of course, I can’t end this blog post without mentioning the amount of times I’ve caught myself just staring at this gorgeous packaging. I feel like it could easily pass for a high end product, aside from the subtle brand name on the side. You know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this adorable little tin-lidded beauty has been happily welcomed into my collection. (looks like someone needs to get a life).

Let me know your thoughts on gel eyeliners in the comments or if you were equally impressed with this one and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love Izzy xxx

Q&A // New Video

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is no super interesting blog post but I’ve been quite busy today and as it’s a Thursday I have uploaded a YouTube video instead. Tomorrow I shall resume with the ‘proper’ blog posts and this will continue for the rest of the week as promised!

Anyway, today I uploaded my first Q&A and (if I’m allowed to say this myself) I think it’s my best video yet! I really enjoyed filming it and found it so interesting answering all of your questions.

If you have a question you would like me to answer, I will be doing more of these videos so feel free to leave a comment here if you do not have a YouTube or Twitter account – if you do then please tweet me using the hashtag #askdaisychainsizzy (or comment on a video) as this is the easiest way for me to see them!

So go make yourself a big ol’ mug of chai tea (or of course your own preference), settle down with a biscuit or two (I’m referring to packets here not singular biscuits obvs) and enjoy!!

Do Our Starsigns Actually Determine Bad Hair Days!?

We all have bad hair days, sure, but is it really just down to whether we slept with it damp, over styled it, thought we could make it one more day without a wash, didn’t brush it because we wanted that textured look only to realise that knots aint cute!? Or is the fault in our hair, actually written in the stars? (see what I did there ;))

I love a deep astrological paragraph all about finding yourself – especially if coincidentally they actually seem true! (that is, if you change your friend bob into a bitchy colleague and apply the ‘love life’ section to your imaginary boyfriend..) So when I saw that Madison Reed (a hair colour company for those who don’t know) had created a unique Hair-o-Scope I was VERY intrigued!

I found my starsign (Leo) and was pleasantly surprised! Let’s take a look shall we….


“You are known for your boldness, lionhearted Leo. Your heart is almost too big for your chest, and you leap to the rescue of your friends fearlessly. No wonder they praise you so much!” (hmmm I’ll let you be the judge of that.)

“Own your wild side by letting your hair go free and untamed with a texturizing mist to create the coveted tousled look. Infuse your mane with golden tones, and—whether you’re a brunette, redhead, or blonde—you’ll radiate like a natural-born leader.”

Well, my favourite style of hair is definitely effortless, pinterest-worthy, sunkissed brunette locks (anyone remember this blog post…)Pinterest Hair Summer Inspiration

And whilst I am constantly trying to achieve this (I literally bought a texturising hair mask this morning) I can never quite get there. Mines more a ‘clearly just got out of bed and forgot that hair actually needs styling’ look.

Often people tell me that I’m lucky to have such straight hair and I have to agree that it is pretty good for low maintenance. I leave it to dry naturally and BAM; dead straight. However I do definitely prefer my mane when it’s on the messy side – a day or two after washing, with a few loose curls in and a lil’ spray of dry shampoo. I just wish I had the time and patience to style my hair!

I’m sure by now you’re all dying to know what your Hair-o-Scope says about your tresses so check out the in-depth article HERE and let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Also, if you’re thinking of dying your hair and would like some advice on which shade to pick, Madison Reed have a super quick quiz that you can take which might help with your decision making! Click HERE to find it.

I wish you a million good hair days and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy xxx

Reviving an Old Bronzer!? // Beauty Hack

Hi everyone!

I am pretty excited to write this as something AMAZING just happened to me and I simply have to share!

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else (surely it must have?) but a couple of my bronzers went a bit weird and sort of hardened up a bit. I don’t know how to explain this. It was like they’d gone stale!? I mean I could still use them but they had a very weird texture and felt rough to the touch making it very hard to use the product.

It happened to my Bourjois Delice De Soleil but it recently sorted itself out after a couple of uses – I just had to swirl my brush in rather a lot! However the other product that turned peculiar was a Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer which I was pretty gutted about. This was probably my first proper bronzer, and I won’t lie I am still in love with the matte black Nars- style packaging with the rather sizable mirror and of course the lovely warm brown red-toned powder contained inside.

natural dazzle bronzer

I started to notice that the bronzer was hardly pigmented at all after a while and considering I had paid £9.99 for it (I remember this because I had taken it to the till expecting to pay about £5 and it was a rather unpleasant surprise – I was probably too scared to put it back or argue my case so parted with the extra money in the hope it would exceed expectations….it didn’t)

Alas, I moved on and the infamous Sleek Contour Kit became part of my daily routine. I totally forgot about good old Barry and his bronzer until this summer when I whacked it out determined to revive it and make use of the product. barry m bronzer

THIS is where the little hack I’ve discovered comes into play (I’m sure this is nothing new and only takes a bit of common sense – but if, like me, you have a diseased bronzer/blush, you may want to make note of this)


I’m sure this would also work perfectly well with a knife (not too sharp or it’ll all end in tears) or other blunt edged item. I just used a small nail file as it was the closest thing to me and I seized the opportunity.

I have now been able to use the Barry M bronzer for the past two days and I’m loving it so much! It really gives you that warm bronzey look and as the name suggests looks natural whilst still dazzling! (It’s not actually shimmery, the name is slightly misleading)

Please let me know if this has happened to any of your makeup products, or even better if you know why this happens (!?) and we can all revel in the mysteries of life together in the comments.

Hope you’re having a lovely day

Love Izzy xxx