My Summer Reading List // Holiday Books

summer reading

Hello everybody!

Now that the summer holidays are under way and I’m starting to think about what to take on my trip to France next week, I decided to put a bit of time aside to choose which books I’d like to read over the next month or so.

Especially as I get older, I often get swept up in the distractions of general life and obviously as a blogger I spend an awful lot of time online or looking at a screen rather than getting lost in a book these days. Instead of reading before bed I now find myself editing my next video, thinking up blog post ideas or researching some kind of technical information. As much as I love that, I do sometimes wish I had the time to get stuck into a good novel! Therefore I am making the most of a week in the middle of nowhere with no wifi to catch up on my literature and here’s what I plan on reading!

book stack

Unfortunately, I can’t start with a light-hearted easy read as I have to finish reading ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ by Thomas Hardy for my English Literature coursework next year. I have started this already after watching the film (I think it’s easier to know what’s happening as the language is slightly old fashioned) and I have actually enjoyed the first few chapters so hopefully I will get much more into it on holiday when I have a lot of free time.

Even more unfortunately, the school work doesn’t stop there. I also have to read ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller this time for English Language. This one is a drama rather than a novel so I’m not so keen on this text and in all honesty I doubt I will read the entire thing on holiday. I am packing it in my suitcase though because only when I’m in the ‘full on reading, absolutely no internet distractions’ zone will I ever be able to motivate myself to read this!

clockwork angel

To lighten things up after all that compulsory reading, I am definitely going to be reading ‘Let’s get Lost’ by Adi Alsaid whilst on holiday. The extremely observant of you may remember that I said I’d started reading this in my ‘Summer Essentials’ blog post. I did read the first few chapters and loved it but then had to read ‘The Great Gatsby’ for English and thought I’d better get the rest of my educational reading list out of the way before my enjoyable reading list! I am hoping to get back into this one whilst I’m away though because I feel like it’s one I wouldn’t want to put down. It’s recommended for readers of John Green and I love his work so I’m hoping this book will be just as good.

My next book is ‘Clockwork Angel’ by Cassandra Clare which is the first of the ‘Infernal Devices’ series. One of my all time favourite series of books is ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series by the same author and I read them all for the second time last summer. This series is sort of a prequel to TMI so it’s been on my reading list for a while and I actually bought this book about a year ago so I think it’s about time I got cracking with it!

motivational books

Obviously I’m not going to manage to read 6 books on a holiday which is just a week long, but for when I get back I have two books which I keep flicking through but would like to look at in more detail. The first is ‘Read This If You Want To Take Great Photos’ by Henry Carroll which I read last summer also. I feel as though I didn’t put into practise the information provided in this book as much as I could have though and now that I have a new camera I definitely need to refer back to this for tips and tricks in the photography department and try to get to know the settings etc and improve my skills. This is a great one for this as it really simplifies things like aperture, composition and all those other things that you feel you should know but really don’t!

The other is ‘It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be’ by Paul Arden. I did a blog post about kindly receiving this from  and whilst I looked through it briefly I still haven’t properly settled down and read the whole thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to make time to do this at some point over the summer and maybe feel inspired, you never know!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post all about what I’ll be reading! Let me know in the comments what you’re planning on reading next and we can all be lil’ bookworms together!!

I hope you have a lovely day

Love Izzy xxx

2 thoughts on “My Summer Reading List // Holiday Books”

  1. I love TMI series oh my god, have you heard about the TV show they’re making from the books called Shadowhunters? I really want to read The Infernal Devices, I’m thinking for when I next need a book I’m going to get them :)x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yay someone else loves them too!! Haha no i haven’t read shadowhunters but that sounds amaze! I’m hoped TID will be good too :) xx


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