Huge Highstreet Haul // New Video

Hello everyone,

I just thought I’d let those of you who haven’t already seen know that I’ve uploaded a new video and it is a huge highstreet haul!

It features a lot of Primark goodies so if you’re a fan of the old primark haul then you’re in for a treat – if not I’ve included pieces from the likes of H&M, Pull & Bear, Zara and even Nike!

I’d absolutely love it if you could subscribe to my channel. I’m really enjoying making videos and I feel like, particularly with hauls, it is much easier to show you items in more detail through video rather than photos.

I have a couple more videos lined up but if you have any suggestions or ideas then please let me know in the comments as I have quite a bit of free time over the next few weeks to film and upload (hurray for summer!!)

ALSO, on a random note… I’m debating whether to bring back my Weekly Summary blog posts (I don’t even know if anyone really cares but a few of you seemed to enjoy them?). I stopped because I wasn’t up to much but I did find it quite therapeutic writing them sometimes haha (#LifeReflectionWithIzzy) so let me know what you think.

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoy the video!

Love Izzy xxx

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