The Pink Grapefruit Obsession

pink grapefruit

Now that summer is truly underway (she says with rain trickling down the window), I feel that it’s the perfect time to switch things up a bit.

I’ve changed my (probably out of date) christmas yankee candle for a fresh new one in the scent ‘Pink Dragonfruit’ which is happily burning away as we speak. yankee dragon fruit

I’ve also whacked out the Robinson’s squash, this time Pink Grapefruit flavoured instead of my usual Orange and Mango (which is still loved don’t you worry) and I’ve even finished up my boring, unscented simple face wash for a funky new one from Neutrogena in the scent ‘Pink Grapefruit’ (sensing a theme yet?) – I’ve heard great things about this face wash and the smell is beaut so I thought it was about time I tried it!


Finally, I’ve been loving pink shades on nails recently and these two seemed very grapefruity to me. One is a Seventeen polish in the shade ‘Pink Lemonade’ and the other is Barry M’s ‘Pink Flamingo’.

‘Well, what a random blog post’ I hear you say… and I agree. But there we go, I felt like I hadn’t properly written in a while as I’ve been focusing more on my YouTube channel but hopefully I’ll be able to balance out the two in the following weeks as I’ve broken up for my summer holidays so keep an eye out for new posts and videos coming up. Twitter is mainly where I let the world know about upcoming uploads so if you’d like to follow me my handle is @daisychainsizzy (shameless self promo)

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon!

Love Izzy


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