Barn on the Farm 2015 // Festival Photos

Last weekend I headed up to Gloucester to attend ‘Barn on the Farm’ festival for the second year in a row. A small festival for sure, however this ensures a much more relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to mingle with performers and guests alike. It’s extremely welcoming and family friendly with cute bunting and fairy light décor (my fave) and most importantly – the line-up is incredible!

Although not many have heard of BOTF (as we cool folk say) whenever I mention, for example, that James Bay was headlining or list off names of bands who were present, I see the amazement in people’s eyes as they wonder why this festival isn’t more popular. This year was even better than the last and this time I took my camera along so I thought I’d share with you a few photos from the weekend…


Looking proud after successfully pitching the tent.


My sisters & I 


‘Racing Glaciers’ performing on the New (and my favourite) Stage.


Prides returned for a second year over on the Main Stage 


I didn’t visit ‘The Den’ much but popped in to have a look around and it seemed lovely! 

IMG_0495 Everyone loves a light bulb


Some horses snogging

(they don’t call it a farm for nothing)


I funked my life up with a few temporary tattoos from ‘Seekers of the Sun’  – because where else can you wear a glittery purple rose on your wrist!?


I saw Kimberly Anne supporting Saint Raymond last year and so was very excited to see her on the line-up ~ she did not disappoint and was such a hilarious and genuine person!


Hot doggay. 


Posing in my carriage    IMG_0624

Henry – The oldest member of Barn on the Farm.


Another artist who I saw here last year was Jack Garratt. He was amazing and I was so impressed by how far he’d come in a year – he would barely look at the audience 12 months ago and this time he owned it! (I sound like a proud mother)

Also ‘Worry’ is one of my favourite songs so if you haven’t heard it then off you pop to YouTube/Spotify/Other musical device


As I said, headlining on Sunday night was James Bay and although we weren’t near the front for this one it was such a good end to the weekend and everyone was in such a good mood!


Pretty Fleurs

BOTFThese are just a few of the many photos I took of the festival and I also filmed a few bits and bobs so I’ll try to upload a short vlog to YouTube soon.

(UPDATE: Here is a link to the vlog, it’s nice and short so I’d love it if you could give it a watch ~

A huge thankyou to Josh & Co. for organising BOTF (and all the artists that performed) is necessary as it truly is a beautiful festival and I will definitely be returning!

 Love Izzy xxx


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