My Summer Reading List // Holiday Books

Hello everybody! Now that the summer holidays are under way and I'm starting to think about what to take on my trip to France next week, I decided to put a bit of time aside to choose which books I'd like to read over the next month or so. Especially as I get older, I… Continue reading My Summer Reading List // Holiday Books


Oxford Street Lush Haul // Featuring Exclusive Products

Hello Everyone, If you're an avid Lush fan like myself then I'm sure you'll know all about the incredible Oxford Street store that's opened up with over 200 exclusive products in London. (You will also know this if you've been watching my YouTube videos - Sorry but I can't seem to go a single blog… Continue reading Oxford Street Lush Haul // Featuring Exclusive Products

The 11 Things Tag

Good evening everyone! I was just about to settle down and start planning an upload schedule and get some blog ideas going as I feel I've been a bit boring recently, when I saw that I'd been nominated by the lovely Charlotte from DiscoveringCharlotte to do the 11 Things Tag. I've never heard of this… Continue reading The 11 Things Tag

Huge Highstreet Haul // New Video

Hello everyone, I just thought I'd let those of you who haven't already seen know that I've uploaded a new video and it is a huge highstreet haul! It features a lot of Primark goodies so if you're a fan of the old primark haul then you're in for a treat - if not I've… Continue reading Huge Highstreet Haul // New Video

The Pink Grapefruit Obsession

Now that summer is truly underway (she says with rain trickling down the window), I feel that it's the perfect time to switch things up a bit. I've changed my (probably out of date) christmas yankee candle for a fresh new one in the scent 'Pink Dragonfruit' which is happily burning away as we speak.… Continue reading The Pink Grapefruit Obsession