Lush Haul // #4

lush haulHello everyone!

Yesterday I popped into Lush to pick up some presents for friends who have birthdays coming up – but of course I couldn’t resist hauling them because they just look and smell incredible! (hopefully they don’t mind the fact that I had to unwrap and rewrap them haha)

creamy candy

Okay, so I lied, I didn’t just buy presents… but at least I stopped myself after one thing for myself somehow slipped into my basket. Of course, an Izzy Lush haul wouldn’t be an Izzy Lush haul without a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar which is probably my all time favourite Lush product. It’s not the most fancy (let’s be real it’s just a pink blob with a flower stuck on top) but the smell is amazing. I think this was the first Lush scent I discovered and I just love the sickly sweetness of it. It turns your bath pink and bubbly which is always nice and even contains little pieces of nourishing body butter to make your skin feel extra smooth when you step out the tub. At only £2.75 it’s definitely worth picking one of these up, especially as you can always split it and use it twice!

floating island lush

Moving onto gifts, I picked up this Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt, which I’ve never tried myself but wish I had because it smells beautiful. If you want something a bit more simple and don’t like the super sweet scents as much than this may be a good one for you. It contains sandalwood oil, lemon oil and almond oil aswell as fair trade organic cocoa butter so is definitely beneficial for the skin and hair. This one is £4.35 so a bit more pricey but considering it’s a Luxury Bath Melt hopefully it’ll be worth it!

it's raining men

I also bought the ‘It’s Raining Men’ Shower Gel which also smells amazing (sensing a theme?) to go with the Bath Melt. The main ingredient here is honey but it’s paired with sweet wild orange oil aswell as softening rosehip oil, lotus flowers and tiger lily infusion which create a gorgeous scent which I’m sure would smell even better in the shower. This cost £4.75 for 100g but looks like it would survive a good few showers at least!


Finally, seeing as it’s my friend Frankie’s birthday next week, I pretty much forced her to let me buy a lush product as part of her present and in the end she chose the Bohemian Soap which smells heavenly! I have never owned a Lush soap myself but from all the ones I’ve smelt, this is by far the nicest one I have come across. If you want the scent of this summed up in one word it would be; Citrus. It’s very refreshing and uplifting and also contains rapeseed and coconut oil to help nourish the skin. I also think it looks very interesting and pretty so would look cute just chilling in your bathroom! This one costs £3.10 per 100g and I’m sure it would last ages as soaps usually do.

So that’s everything I purchased on my little trip to Lush yesterday. I hope you enjoyed reading about the products and maybe found it helpful if you’re trying to decide what to try next!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Love Izzy xxx

4 thoughts on “Lush Haul // #4”

    1. It really does smell incredible! Would definitely recommend especially as you can get the small one to start with and then see if you like it! xx


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