Rocky Road // Fridge Cake

rocky road_635687871264122740_Afterlight_Edit

The other day I spontaneously decided to make ‘fridge cake’ (or, as most people call it, Rocky Road) with my sister.

We made a quick trip to the shops to pick up some ingredients but followed no recipe and instead took on the method of chucking everything in and hoping for the best!

If you’ve never made, or heard of, this wondrous treat then I urge you to do so as it really is extremely easy and simple.

All you need to do is melt some chocolate with a little bit of butter and golden syrup (I do this in a bowl over boiling water). Take off the heat and add some crushed up digestive biscuits before chucking in a tonne of marshmallows and whatever else suits your tastebuds (we used crunchie bars and a bit of melted white chocolate – you could also use malteasers, caramel, raisins, fruit…the list goes on) and mixing it all up. Squish the mixture down in a lined tin and pop in the fridge to harden. You can then take it out, cut into squares and gorge yourself endlessly!

This works perfectly as a late night treat or to share amongst friends (but let’s be honest you’d want to eat the whole thing to yourself) and doesn’t take hours of preparation so can be whipped up in an instant!

Love Izzy xxx


4 thoughts on “Rocky Road // Fridge Cake”

    1. Oh don’t let that stop you! I used honey this time because I didn’t have any syrup either and it still works without but may just be a little more crumbly! :) xx


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