50 Facts About Me // YouTube

Hi everyone! I recently uploaded my 50 Facts About Me video and I am super happy with the reaction I've had towards it so far! I worked hard on it and as I'm new to the whole YouTube/Editing thing it really means a lot to know that people are enjoying my creations already! If you'd… Continue reading 50 Facts About Me // YouTube


The £9 Cardigan // Smart Casual

       Hi everybody! I felt like I hadn't posted a 'fashion' post in quite a while so when I went out for a meal with my family the other day, to celebrate my sister's amazing university results, I put together this smart-casual outfit which I rather like! I started with my beige trousers/riding pants from River… Continue reading The £9 Cardigan // Smart Casual

MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO // Evening Pamper Routine

Hi Everybody! If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I've wanted to start up a YouTube channel for quite some time now and - after buying myself a vlogging camera and spending hours figuring out how to set up my channel to make it look all pretty - I have finally filmed,… Continue reading MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO // Evening Pamper Routine

Lush Haul // #4

Hello everyone! Yesterday I popped into Lush to pick up some presents for friends who have birthdays coming up - but of course I couldn't resist hauling them because they just look and smell incredible! (hopefully they don't mind the fact that I had to unwrap and rewrap them haha) Okay, so I lied, I… Continue reading Lush Haul // #4

Empties // June

Over the past few weeks I seem to have finished up a number of products and so thought it would be only fair to share my thoughts towards them. I often find this to be a better way of reviewing items as I have much more of an opinion on them - it takes dedication… Continue reading Empties // June

Summer Hair Inspiration // Pinterest

(all images taken from Pinterest)  Ohh Pinterest. The place where every image you cast your eye upon is aesthetically pleasing in a thousand different ways. Where everything and everyone looks so effortless that you're tricked into thinking you may be able to achieve this wondrous, minimalistic lifestyle. Where you turn in times of need when… Continue reading Summer Hair Inspiration // Pinterest

Summer Essentials // Beauty

Now that it's finally feeling like Summer, it's time to rediscover all those little things we forget about throughout the rest of the year. Of course the usual flip flops, sunglasses, ice creams etc. but also a few beauty bits and bobs that are essential in ensuring you're skin isn't harmed whilst you enjoy those long summer days.… Continue reading Summer Essentials // Beauty