Never get somebody the wrong gift again!? // Review


A while ago, an email popped into my inbox concerning gift-giving company ‘‘. The concept here is that, instead of giving someone a gift that they may not really like that much (there’s always one right!?) you can give them a cute little book (either through the post or via email) with different presents for them to choose from. This means that you’ve still technically chosen the potential gifts but are giving them the flexibility of selecting the one they’d prefer ~ much more sentimental than a simple gift card!

close up_635681806945601918_Afterlight_Edit

In order to trial this service, I was offered a code which would give me £15 credit (the minimum you can pay). I rather selfishly created a book for myself because I had no occasions coming up other than the end of my exams and thought hey why not!? After all I needed to try out the whole experience, including receiving the email and gift!! I chose the email option because you do have to pay an extra fiver if you want the pretty lil booklet sent through the post unfortunately.

paul arden_635681814208736161_Afterlight_EditI thought the whole process was fairly straightforward and simple and the gift selection was lovely, if a little limited (I have been assured however that new items are being added and I can confirm that since selecting mine I have seen new bits and pieces appear on their website).

One thing I didn’t like however, is that whilst you have to pay at least £15, many of the gifts don’t equate to this value. For example this book that I ended up choosing only actually costs £5.95 (the sticker was stuck on the back ~ not great for a gift!) and can be bought for this price in other places such as Amazon and Waterstones.price of book_635681842875211545_Afterlight_EditI am really happy with the book I chose as it’s one I’d had my eye on for a while and I do think the whole concept behind WishWant is great! However with a few tweaks the service could definitely be improved and I would be sure to consider the value of the products you choose if you decide to use this website – just in case you end up spending more than necessary!  

You can visit the WishWant website HERE

Love Izzy xxx


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