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Recently I took a trip down to the Harbour-Side which is one of my favourite areas of Bristol. It’s a great place for a casual stroll, especially if the weathers nice. Unfortunately it was a bit of a mixture of sun and rain when I shot these photos but this look is so versatile that it works perfectly as a transition outfit between seasons (although I’m fairly certain spring/summer should be well underway by now!)

I didn’t realise until I was leaving the house that my entire outfit was from H&M but what can you do!? I guess that just goes to show how much I love some of their stuff!

The shirt and trousers I bought the day before so this was their first outing and I really love how they worked together to create a smart casual effect. I tucked the front of the shirt into the loose-fit trousers to even out the bagginess but left the back as it was, just to relax things down a bit.

I paired the outfit with a pair of faux-suede brown ankle boots with a slight heel and my favourite bag which my lovely friend Louise got me for my birthday last summer.

To combat the wind and rain I packed my beloved leather jacket and chucked it on when the weather got bad. I wear this thing all the time!

I hope you like this outfit ~ let me know what you think of the military style/khaki trend in the comments below!

Blouse ~ here (H&M £14.99)

Joggers ~ here (H&M £14.99)

Boots ~ similar here (H&M £24.99)

Bag ~ most similar here (H&M £29.99)

Jacket ~ similar here (H&M £29.99)

Love Izzy xxx

25 thoughts on “Military Tones // H&M”

    1. They do these in black aswell and I’m so tempted to get them!! Harem pants are just the best because it looks like you made an effort but feels like you’re wearing pjs haha xx


    1. You should definitely get some gurl! These ones are slightly cropped aswell so you could totally rock them I’m sure :) thankyou for stopping by! xx


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