Weekly Summary // #12

weekly summary #12

Hi everyone!

Haven’t been up to much this week but it’s been lovely to relax after finishing exams.

  • On Monday I had my last Psychology exam in the afternoon. It was a long wait but worth it when it was over
  • I can’t even remember what I did on Tuesday or Wednesday so it can’t have been anything exciting! Oh, actually I spent the majority of my time sorting out and tidying my bedroom – yeah not exciting haha
  • On Thursday I went on a bit of a shopping spree with Frankie. We both bought ourselves some new clothes and then went to Pizza Express for lunch which was lovely! After that we headed back to my house to take some photos for an outfit post which I uploaded yesterday. It was a bit scary with people driving past and staring but that’s okay and hopefully I’ll get better with practise!
  • Today I had a lie-in and then headed down to the harbourside to take some more photos which will feature in another outfit post in the next few days so keep an eye out for that!
  • I’ve been going blogging crazy this past few days and now that I’ve got time on my hands this will definitely be continuing so make sure you’re following to stay updated. You can follow either through bloglovin’, wordpress or email and all can be found on my sidebar to the right or below if you’re on mobile ~ just in case you weren’t aware :)
  • My favourite blog this week has been Le-Happy (yes I know I said this last week but I’m still obsessing over Luanna!) and my favourite music to listen to at the moment is The Weeknd (another long-term favourite but perfect for chilled out days)

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoy the half term if you have one!

Love Izzy xxx

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